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  1. Such an AMAZING and useful programme...... I previously requested - and you have, indeed, incorporated.... the ability to apply a "compass rose" to the map. (Now using 2_2 stable) However....it seems to ONLY be capable of being applied directly to (only) my OWN aircraft. Any chance of a minor (??) amendment that will let that compass be applied ANYWHERE.....exactly like the current range rings? This would be particularly helpful when acting duty-controller at our weekly Bristol FSG's GA flights as this compass could then be applied to the destination airfield, OR to an/any in-bound plane, in order to provide a more accurate "vectors to final" resource. It SOUNDS like a simple adjustment....but, OK. I bet it isn't !!!! I'd still appreciate you trying it! Thanks....and so very well done for your continuing efforts to develop this fine programme for this community. Mac@Bath
  2. Well done, Alex.....I should have guessed that you had - already - thought about doing this!! Looking forward to it's imminent arrival !! B
  3. Hi Alex, Yet another enthusiastic supporter of your excellent freebie Little-NavMap.......as you seem to be on an almost continuous mission to offer us ever more (essential !!) add-ons/improvements, can I ask you to consider whether it might be possible to ADD a facility for inserting a (scaleable?) Compass Rose - rather like the current insertion of Range Rings - as this could prove to be quite a useful extra.....especially for those of us - like me - who try our hands at group GA "ATC/Ground Control", when endeavouring to offer a low-level "Vectors (track) to Final" for our local Bristol FS Club. I'm thinking of a North-up, "grey" compass overlay - with its own dedicated button/short-cut - that, if we click on an inbound flier, would superimpose the Rose and thus let us advise on the true bearing to fly (rather than my present 'approximation'). Hope this makes (some) sense and that you might find it worthy of considering....at some/any future date. Keep up the good work Barry
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