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  1. Yes, I know but I like FS Recorder so much that I want to give it a try.
  2. Many Thanks John, Sorry about given the wrong version number, I mean old FS Recorder v 1.331 which can be used to get this old version to work well in P3DV3,4. I got this from YouTube: I do need there four to install this older version, newer versions don't work.
  3. Hi there, Can anybody get me on an older version of the free FS-Recorder 3.133 (12-01-2009)? I need this one for working in P3DV4 and I can't find it on internet. Thanks in advance, Maarten Zwollo m(DOT)zwollo(at)hccnet(DOT)nl
  4. Hi there, Can anybody help me to get a privious versions of free FS recorder v1.331 (12-01-2009) / (2009-12-01) (The site "www.fs-recorder.net/downloads.php" is down now and I don't know if it comes back). Thanks in advance, Maarten Zwollo ( e-mail address removed )
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