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  1. scub

    Taxi Cam issue

    After sending a trouble ticket, here is the answer from PMDG Technical Support: "Laurent, The Taxi Cam is unfortunately not something that can be modified. Because of the way it had to be implemented to work in FSX with the undocked separate 2D panel, it can't be adjusted or changed. Sorry to disappoint. Paul Gollnick Technical SupportPMDG Simulations, LLC www.precisionmanuals.com" Well... Never mind. Even with uncorrect views taxu cam helps taxying and the plane still fully flyable! Thanks for all your helps!
  2. scub

    Taxi Cam issue

    Thanks for your help. Already tried the repair and reinstall option with no effect. It's upgraded with the last patch. Sorry for the "full name" i have not even noticed that. U use it in your signature? So far i did'nt find how to make one. But here ti is: Laurent SPINNER
  3. scub

    Taxi Cam issue

    Hi there, I've just gone through 80+ pages of topic without finding any correct answer for my issue. All 3 cameras displayed in the taxi cam window are "too much" zoomed. (I've made a screenshot but I don't know how to paste it in the forum) I'm unable to see any of the wheels. I followed the ony advise i found in the forum (setting WideViewAspect=True) with no success. I run FSX on a 2560 x 1440 27" 16/9 monitor. It's not a very important issue... The 777 is fully and greatly flyable! But it's still a (little) pain! Everything beside this taxi cam seems to work perfectly! I would apreciate if anyone can help. Thanks in advanced
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