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  1. Just to say thank you to all members who took the time to answer my plea for help with the "species file" I am now up and running again. Being in this Forum has been a heart warming experience. Best wishes to you all. Roger
  2. I tried that, turned on file extensions, again saved as , deleted txt to xml but getting the same result . when I open the file in vegetation it still the notepad .
  3. I have now got the file back into the vegetation folder, when I open it I have the notepad version in it , at the top of it it reads xml, I am at a loss to turn the notepad back into the original file. Thanks to all Roger
  4. Thanks for the help, tried repair but did not work
  5. Bert, I got your post asking for my Email, I gave it but it is not showing in this post , I do not think it is permited on this forum
  6. Greetings Bert, I saved the notepad as an xml, cut and pasted it into the empty file and just got the notepad txt ,the notepad file is with out the header , so I cannot do any more with it. On a more positive note , I will no longer have to worry about the size of the trees !!
  7. I renamed the file as suggested put it in the vegetation folder but the file is still empty !
  8. Thanks for replying, I have looked at the notepad version but when I hit " save as " I cannot see anywhere to save as an xml file
  9. I think I must have deleted it while trying to adjust tree size, I have looked every where on my pc I have the Microsoft store version, I have a notepad copy of it but nothing else .
  10. I have lost this file 10-asobo_species.xml , am I able to download anywhere ? or can some kind soul email me a copy ? Thank you Roger
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