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  1. Federico, I just tried version with the taxi lines deleted from the xml but unfortunately the fps drop is still there. Down to 22 to 23 fps about 10 to 15 less then when the sim started. It drops about 10 min in. Below is the only lines I left in the xml. Hope this helps you. Will use in the mean time. Thanks <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8' ?> <Parameters> <Airport> <ICAO>KATL</ICAO> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R26L</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveTakeOffRunway> <Runway>R27R</Runway> <Probability>0.5</Probability> </ActiveTakeOffRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R26R</Runway> <Probability>0.33</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R27L</Runway> <Probability>0.33</Probability> </ActiveLandingRunway> <ActiveLandingRunway> <Runway>R28</Runway> <Probability>0.33</Probability> <ATCModel>!A343,!A359,!A35K,!A388,!B744,!B748,!B763,!B764,!B772,!B77L,!B77W,!MD11</ATCModel> </ActiveLandingRunway> </Airport> <enableFastTakeOffs>1</EnableFastTakeOffs> <allowTakeOffDistance>6000</AllowTakeOffDistance> <enableRollthenTakeOff>1</enableRollthenTakeOff> <minCrossingRny>1000</minCrossingRny> <isGUIVisible>1</isGUIVisible> <voidTimer>600</voidTimer> <Debug>0</Debug> <deployEarlyFlaps>0</deployEarlyFlaps> </Parameters>
  2. Negative. Tested without dll and same level of traffic, about 55% on the slider and fps is steady, no drops, even after 40 mins setting up the fslabs airbus to fly.
  3. Same here. Lost about 10 to 12 FPS spotting at ATL with the program(latest version) and P3DV5.2 HF1. Love the program, hope it gets worked out. Made Atlanta actually fun to watch all the ai coming and going efficiently.
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