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  1. Hello Jay, After spending a lot of time I succeeded in configuring Pilot2Atc. I had to install an extra sound card to make it work. The speech training is no problem at all and is not restrained to a maximum of 14 lines. The manual is extensive and easy to read. The main screen can be hidden totally which is an advantage (a must). So I am happy with the program and will not choose for Voxatc due to its speech training limitation. Best regards Wim Mens
  2. Hello Jay Thanks a lot for your suggestion. 😄 Wim Mens
  3. Hello Jabloom, Thanks for your answer. At the moment I am trying pilot2atc. But if the change in windows affects all speech based programs, your suggestion applies to all. Therefore I will continue experimenting with pilot2atc in the first place and after that maybe my votax experinces if pilot2atc does work for me. I keep you posted, but it may take a little time. Best regards Wim Mens
  4. I tried to make Voxatc speech work. I did not succeed in doing it probably because of the new windows 10 update. In this forum I read the possibility to shorten the training files from Voxatc. But I could not find how to do that. Is there someone who can help me with this or point me to the proper thread? I installed the right speech recognizer in windows . Thanks for help Wim Mens
  5. Hello Nico Thanks for your quick respons and sorry for putting my problem in the wrong forum. I uninstalled FLAI and intalled it again on my C:\ disk. I did not manipulate anything and now everything is running 100%. 😄 Thanks for your excellent program: it really enhances the flight experience! Best regards Wim Mens
  6. Hello Nico, I downloaded the flai liveries to the right folder (E:\PSXseeconTraffic\FLAi) and the flai.txt file to: C:\Users\Wim\AppData\Roaming\FLAI. I cannot see any traffic at all, but got error 81. It is clear that prepar3d does not read the ai traffic. But I do not know how to make prepar3d read the proper flai file. I thought the above mentioned folders would do the job. I am using real traffic. I spent a lot of time searching your avsim threads but I could not get an answer. Best regards Wim Mens
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