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  1. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    The main crash/CTD I experienced today really was a one off, it was my first in many, many hours of using P3D. It was the familiar PMDG 777 PFD pop-up click that triggered it, I've found the culprit in the event viewer and fixed it from numerous similar instances online and I'm sure it won't be happening again! Whilst I was in the Event Viewer, it flagged up no other errors from my last session, and the hours saved so it all seems to be well again. I will feedback next week after some flights Tom,
  2. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    I've just finished a flight, and I can happily confirm the hours file updated upon exit! I opened the task manager and closed the tasks which were bringing up errors subliminally previously just to be safe and exited via ending the scenario. However, I did have an unrelated PC crash a few hours into the flight, so I don't know if the sim restart had anything to do with it working correctly for once! I'm back to work for 5 days now anyway so I'll have to recheck and confirm the issue is solved next week. Its looking promising though Tom
  3. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    No sir, from the end scenario page I can load, save and reset the flight and exit, which just closes the program the standard way. I've tried this but to no avail with saving the file. Since posting early this morning after my flight, I've found a few suggestions regarding p3d crashes that may go unnoticed, one been reducing the affinity mask in the CFG file to the default 14 to prevent a coutl issue that can cause a crash. I've done this, and also updated a few modules that were throwing out errors on the event viewer (the coutl related one and a RAAS related one). I will be making the return flight from Tokyo tonight, so I will see how I get on once the flight is complete. I've submitted a ticket to PMDG in the meantime to see if they have any suggestions. I was a little frustrated this morning whilst posting as it's baffling me as to why it won't save, probably overreacted a little. I'm just thankful it's such a small issue, at least I can successfully fly the thing with no real issues! Thanks for your help, Tom
  4. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    I've probably confused things a bit here. I'm using P3D, and by "end flight" I mean "end scenario" but yes, I've done this, the P3D equivelent. And yes, everything is shut down as per the 777 secure checklist. I then usually save my panel state (which updates and saves fine, by the way) and exit the sim, so I've tried all the work-arounds suggested here; and none are working, hence my latest post... I'm not just reading the suggestions and ignoring them, I really want to sort this issue out. Tom.
  5. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    11 hour flight - exited via ending the scenario - boom, no hours saved. I've just seen this post; I tried loading the aircraft and exiting without flying and the hours update perfectly, they just don't seem to want to update after actually flying. Really, really frustrating me now :( I've also checked the reliability history, P3D exits fine with no crashes. Completely and utterly baffled.
  6. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    That's interesting to know! I've had no luck so far, I flew 8 hours today and the file didn't update at all. I exited P3D the standard way and it seemed to close fine but as you said, a "crash" may not be noticiable. I will try this way for sure next time and report back. In the meantime, after getting frustrated at is not saving once again, i've noticed on the properites tab when I right click on the Lockheed Martin file, the "read only" tab is not checked, but is filled with a blue square. I uncheck this and it applies the setting to all the subfolders etc, but as soon as I go back on the properties tab to check, the blue square has returned. I downloaded a "take ownership" mod and i've applied this to the folder and subfolders but not tested it out yet, so hopefully this will fix it too. Thanks for the input, I look forward to seeing if either work! Tom,
  7. tmmchale

    777 .HOURS file will not save on exit

    Hi all, Sorry to dig up a dead topic, I found this whilst searching for my issue and it hits the nail on the head. I've had this issues myself since day one essentially, firstly with FSX. I followed the correct paths by submitting a ticket and I was told to run as admin, which I have done pretty much ever since the feature was introduced! I now run P3D. Everything works perfectley, but I still have this one issues of the HOURS not saving whatever I seem to do. For example, I flew an aircraft for 10 hours 2 days ago, the houirs reduced for 214 to 204. I saved the panle state, and reloaded it yesterday only to find the hours had increased back to 214. Everything else on the panel state was as I left it, brake temps, lighting, doors etc. By the way, the hours were on 214 originally as I had used someone elses panel state from my virtual airline. Did anything ever come of this? Interested to know as it's slightly annoying as I never get to experience any issues haha! Tom