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  1. Hi, I've checked the aircraft panels and the Vox panel was missing from the aircraft I was using (even though I had selected it when selecting which aircraft to install panels to). I've managed to install a panel into the required aircraft and all is well. Thanks for your help. Phil
  2. I've just installed VOXATC but when I run FSX and open the VOXATC window from the views drop down menu all I get is a black square at the bottom of the screen in the middle. I can move or resize it but it remains solid black. Any helpful suggestions would be appreciated. I'm using Windows 7. Phil
  3. Hi, I'm working through the manual. I've run the indexer, the Flight Plan Trainer, set up voices etc. but when I open the Panel Setup the box is empty. There are no aircraft to select. Any suggestions as to why this might be would be appreciated. I'm running Windows 7 and FSX. Phil
  4. I'm flying a Cessna 172 at up to 4000ft . I set the top of the wind to 6000ft.
  5. Hi, I have a problem with my wind disappearing. I go into the "Weather" menu , "Customise" and "Advanced Weather". I enter the Clouds, Wind speed/direction and Visibility. I select OK three times (after OK twice the current weather shows the correct wind information) but SHIFT Z shows that wind is 353 Mag and 0 kts whatever wind information I have entered. Selecting "Weather" again the current weather shows that the wind is "Calm". Selecting "Customise" and "Advanced weather" there is no wind information and I have to add a wind altitude again. There is no problem with any other aspect of the weather. Just wind. There is no effect on the aircraft. I have tried heading due north when I have entered a strong crosswind and my longitude does not change. A strange thing is that I have a networked system with FSX running on client PCs as well and selecting SHIFT Z on the client PCs shows the wind information I selected on the server even though the server SHIFT Z display shows no wind. It seems that the server is sending wind info to the clients before it loses the wind info itself. I'm using Windows 7. Thanks for any help.
  6. Hi, I've solved the problem by deleting the FSX.CFG file. It was something that I should have tried at first.
  7. Hi Charlie. I have not used user defined weather for a few weeks but there was no problem then. it has just started.
  8. Hi, I have been using FSX for many years but this problem has only just started. When I go into user defined weather/Advanced weather I set up the clouds, wind and visibility. I then click on OK, OK and OK.. The clouds and visibility are correct but there is no wind. SHIFT Z shows 0 wind. When I go back into advanced weather the clouds and visibility are as I selected but the wind section is clear. I had selected a wind altitude of up to 7000ft and speed of 25kts from 65' but the settings had disappeared. I tried selecting 2 layers of wind but they both disappeared after selecting OK etc. I'm using Windows 7 and have not installed any new software lately. Any help would be appreciated. Phil.
  9. kryten

    Where is SDK

    I'm not familiar with the term "legacy" but I'm assuming that it refers to the original FSX version of the PMDG 747 (apologies if I have misunderstood). I have been told that I must enable the PMDG SDK but cannot find it. I believe that it is part of the latest version but not the original FSX version. What is the situation and if it is part of the original 747 where can I find it? Phil
  10. I have the original FSX version. When I open the Addon drop down menu I see "PMDG" but this only has "About PMDG" in it, not the full menu. I'm using Windows 7 and the 747 software is on DVD. The reason I have not upgraded to the the latest version is that I built a 747 cockpit and drag the 2D panels to three monitors. One for the overhead, one for the CDU and one for PFD, HD and EICAS. I understand that the new version does not have 2D panels. Is this true? I'd appreciate any suggestions as to how to get the full menu. Some readers of this forum may have experienced this problem with their original version. Thanks
  11. I have the PMDG 747-400X V2 and built a cockpit around it. I have 2 touchscreens, one for the overhead panel and the other for the CDU. Another monitor shows the displays such as the PFD etc. I would have bought the V3 apart from the lack of 2D panels. It would seem that PMDG consider that we cockpit builders are a dying breed (perhaps I am the last) and so there is no need for 2D panels. I would like to think that PMDG would encourage people to enhance their experience by at least giving us the opportunity to do so. However I admit that I am being a bit selfish as there are probably not enough people like me to make 2D panels worth including. It's a shame.
  12. I might try creating a mouse macro so that pressing a button on the yoke replicates clicking on the STD button of the 2D panel. It may not work but I could give it a try. Phil McEvoy.
  13. Thanks for taking the time to reply but I would like to apologize for wasting it. I have built a 747 cockpit that includes a CP Flight EFIS. It is the STD button on this that I have been pressing. On doing so STD appears on the PFD under the altitude ribbon but it seems that pressure is not set to STD. If I use STD on the PMDG 2D EFIS panel it works correctly. It looks like the problem is caused by the hardware driver and I need to contact the provider. Sorry again. Phil McEvoy.
  14. What should happen when I press the STD pressure button? I would have thought that it means that the autopilot uses STD pressure to calculate altitude but it does not. Pressing the button has no affect. As an example, I took off from a high pressure area (1032hPa) and when I passed the TA I pressed the STD button. I climbed to cruise altitude given by ATC (40,000 ft) but ATC was not happy with me. It was only when I pressed the STD button again and manually reset the pressure to 1013 (and 40,000 ft attained again) that ATC was happy. It seems that the autopilot was still using 1032. Does a pilot have to manually reset the pressure when passing TA in a real aircraft?
  15. I was flying from EDDP to LOWW and, nearing LOWW, was cleared down to 16000ft. I descended to 16000ft and later asked for a temporary frequency change so that I could listen to Vienna ATIS. This request was granted, I listened to ATIS and reported back without a problem.but ATC did not tell me to descend any further. I asked to descend several times but was told "not at this time" each time. I ended up flying over the airport at 16000ft. My suspicion is that ATC intended me to descend at a certain point but at that time I was listening to ATIS. The descent point was passed without ATC asking me and as that point never arrived again ATC did not tell me to descend. Had I flown in a circle and passed the point again ATC might have told me to descend. Does this sound feasible. Phil.
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