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  1. I have Prepar3d V4.3, Chaseplane and Saitek Pro Yoke and FSUIPC. I have not been simming in over 2 years and forgot how to setup my Hat Switch on the yoke so the view looks in the direction the hat switch is moved to. Thanks in advance for your help. Brad Rich
  2. Which version of sim connect do I use. There are about six different folders in Redist/Interface. I need it for Chaseplane and EFB. Thanks, Brad
  3. yes, as I indicted, I had a working localizer. Brad
  4. I was able to tune the radios to the proper localizer and received lateral guidance but I saw no glide slope indicator. What might I being wrong? Thanks, Brad
  5. In FSX, I could hit a buttons on lets say the NGX CDU quickly and the display would catch up. Now with Prepared, I have to hit a button, wait for the charactor to display and then I am able to hit the next button. For example, I might put in a cost index of 55 clicking 5 and then 5 very quickly. Prepar3D will not pick up the second 5 entry. I havo wait, let it display the first 5 before I can enter the second. Is there a CFG entry for this or is this the way Prepar3d is? Thanks, Brad
  6. Just to close out this thread....I built a new Z170 machine using the new SkyLake CPU. Created a new Homegroup and a funny thing happened, simconnect and all my remote programs including ASN and VPilot worked first try. Who knows what was stopping me with the old machine? I thought I knew what I was doing. By the way, running the Skylake at 4.8Ghz makes Prepar3d fly, pardon the pun. The irony is that I really do not need a cleint machine any more. Brad
  7. OK got it. I will open notepad and type in the lines and save it with a .cfg extension in the coorect location, users/flight2/documents Thanks, Brad
  8. I am going to use the same font found in the xlm file for the client config file and give that a try. I will also place the config file in the root application program folders. I am trying to get both ASN and VPilot up on the client. The ASN network doc is pretty good so I am surprised I am having so much trouble especially since i had it working for FSX. I really appreciate you guys helping. Brad
  9. Dropbox location for simconnect data: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/tmv6mr46gnkrmng/AABYLmgWsZ3ASsg1nxbjD5T0a?dl=0 I think we have made progress. The server nstat shows port 50,000 listening but the client does not. Maybe a simconnect install issue. The ESP version will not install. What would cause simconnect to start to run on the client? Thanks, Brad
  10. The firewalls are turned off with the exception of the router. I will try a higher port but you mention three different places. I think we might be zeroing in on the problem becuase I can only think of two places, the XML file and the CFG file on the client at users/mydocuments. Am I missing a file? thanks, Brad
  11. Srtill no luck. Stat does not show any activity listening on port 5000 on either machines.
  12. OK, I will put your xml file back in.
  13. Hi Chris, I loaded your xml file. I changed one parameter from local to "global" and used port 5000. I do not know what IP address is showing on nstat? I have my router only to use ip address starting at to 100. is my sim server and is my client. I noticed that nstat does not show port 5000. The other strange item is the FSX program showing in my uninstall list from the control panel. If I try to uninstall it, I get an error. I think it was placed there by one of the simconnect.msi installation programs. The following dropbox location shows examples of all my files and sestet for both computers. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1cuqnur0eqqkqze/AACd4dkTbiOW-uVFZAHFkJoza?dl=0 Brad
  14. Does the order of the simsonnect installs matter. Some we updates.
  15. The IPConfig files from both machines can be found here. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/fimci6peppmdk6l/AACOL0KncbWkIg2q16F4VBZKa?dl=0 I also show where the xml, cfg and ini files are located and what they look like. Thanks, Brad
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