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  1. I have Prepar3d V4.3, Chaseplane and Saitek Pro Yoke and FSUIPC. I have not been simming in over 2 years and forgot how to setup my Hat Switch on the yoke so the view looks in the direction the hat switch is moved to. Thanks in advance for your help. Brad Rich
  2. Which version of sim connect do I use. There are about six different folders in Redist/Interface. I need it for Chaseplane and EFB. Thanks, Brad
  3. I was able to undock the PMDG 777 PDFD/MFD in FSX. Have not tried in Prepared.v3. In FSX, when I went to full screen, I would create the pop-up and move it directly to the fourth monitor. All screens are black. The pop-up disapears at the bitton of the center screen but never appears on the fourth screen. Surround is setup so the fourth monitor is under the center of the three VC monitors. With Prepard3d in full screen more, I have to undock it. I thought un-docking was a non full screen mode function. It as if Prepard3d does not fully recognize the surround configuration in full screen mode.
  4. Carlito777, I do exactly the same thing with four monitors. This worked fine in FSX with very little loss of frames. I rebuilt the config file and now get 30 frames but still drops to about 12-14 when I move a 2D pop-up to the 4th monitor. I also do not think it is a NI issue. What are your display settings in Prepar3D and in your .cfg file? Thanks Brad
  5. I am not sure what you are suggesting I do?
  6. Click the link to see my inspector settings. http://www.dropbox.com/s/9h3mc18v305vfyp/inspector.jpg?dl=0 Brad
  7. I recently un-installed FSX and installed Prepar3d, ezdok and the NGX. I run 4 monitors, 3 using Nvidia spanning software for the VC and have the fourth monitor connected to a second video card. I am running a 970 and a 460 video cards. I use the forth monitor to move the ND/PFD and engine display to the fourth monitor in full screen mode. Worked great in FSX. Now, I have to un-dock the pop-up screens before I can move to the fourth screen. When I do, I lose 10 frames down to 10. So I have a couple of issues, using full screen mode and poor performance. At best, using the VC only, I get 20 frames. I have used the Nvidia inspector settings recommended for Prepar3d which looked like the same for FSX. I also noticed I have a FSX.cfg file in the same folder where the Prepar3d.cfg file lives. Thought that was strange as I was pretty complete in un-installing FSX. I tried backing down resolutions and other sliders looking for better frames. No luck. Thanks for any suggestions you may have for me. Brad
  8. What weather program are you using? I have seen this with OPUS if the DHM is not set up correctly.
  9. I think you are correct. I have had similar problems.
  10. should not be related to SSD. You might check your keyboard commands in FSX. Make sure Shift 6 is defined.
  11. I said I was not going to do this yet I find myself at the car dealer.

  12. How to tax large corporations and the rich to reduce the deficit.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_popout&v=JY8LKII_MNA

  13. Do the rich pay their fair share. You decide.- Top 1% pay 37% of taxes- Top 5% pay 59% of taxes- Top 10% pay 70% of taxes- Top 1% pay (37%), more than bottom 90% (30%)

  14. OK, I will buy. How about 75 including freight?

  15. Hello Brad !

    If you are willing to part from the GF-46 for $60, I'll take it



    Irvine CA

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