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  1. On 6/24/2018 at 6:04 PM, ScotFlieger said:

    An initial beta version of the QW787 module is available under LINDA Downloads. Please report all issues under LINDA Support and not here.

    Thank you very much for your effort 👍

  2. On 16.4.2017 at 10:05 AM, ScotFlieger said:

    That is correct. Majestic doesn't comply with the FSX standard for radios (or anything else) so it is not possible to interface to the Q400 radios in anyway. I did spend some time trying without success. 

    Hi Andrew, 

    do you happen to know if anything has changed in this regard with the 64-bit release of the Q400?


  3. 7 hours ago, guenseli said:

    Loading the bus after a default aircraft still works

    Not in my case. 

    LINDA detects the FSLabs A320 in the module sync box, but nothing else is working...

    When loading the Piper first, I also get problems with EZDOK.

  4. 8 hours ago, ScotFlieger said:

    Hi danira

    As I mentioned, please follow the fault diagnosis thread and send me your logs so I can see what is going wrong. Do the test in your current configuration, copy the logs and then try again with a default aircraft and copy the new logs.

    I mailed you the logs to the adress you provided in the fault diagnosis thread. If you need anything else, just say so ;)

  5. 1 hour ago, ScotFlieger said:

    Sorry. There was a key file missing from the above link. Try beta 728a.

    I installed the files you provided in this thread and the latest FSUIPC version 5.121c, but unfortunately it isn't working for me. How can I help?

    PS: Haven't tried loading a standard aircraft first, yet.

  6. Hi guys,

    I love LINDA and use it a lot with my MCP Combo and different aircraft.

    Unfortunately I failed making a profile by myself, so I'm asking this way if someone has a module for that aircarft or has plans on creating one?

    I noticed it has the same autopilot as the JS41, but as far as modules and functions go, I can't use the JS41 module for the Do228, can I?

    Thx and Greetings