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  1. fleetman

    Air Hauler 2

    Much better, many more features. Ideal when you want to build your own company career. Ideal for random charter ops aswell as fixed schedule ops. On your own, company or va.
  2. fleetman

    Air Hauler 2

    Hi all, how it's going in your AH2-career? I tried multiple alternative stuff, and indeed, I just found my way back to AH2. AH2 has some extra features what I missing in all that alternative programs. So, here I am again. I focus me on to be operational within Europe, based on Ostend (EBOS/Belgium) by the smaller stuff as PA32, PA46, TBM8, PC12, up to Phenom300/PC24. In less words, the most stuff of Alabeo/Carenado. Check my website for more information: www.q2logistics.be Kind Regards, TimoDD / Q2 Logistics
  3. fleetman

    A New TBM 930

    Indeed, in combination with a Garmin GTN650+750 not that bad idea. But a TBM930, irresistible! See here the one operational by 'Little Hawk Logistics' not so long ago updated with two Garmin GTN750 panels: (www.littlehawklogistics.com)
  4. fleetman

    A New TBM 930

    Ohhhh word not allowed, when I see the TBM9 in development for XP, I'm sure, I'm in love. Hope indeed to get asap that TBM9 available by Carenado for P3Dv4. Kind Regards, Timo / Q2 Logistics www.q2logistics.be
  5. fleetman

    Q2 Logistics by FSEconomy

    Update: Since May 2018 are we operational along the new economic system 'Fly the World'. Also our site is updated. And many updates with multiple features are expected. Be welcome to join our virtual business company along 'Fly the World' (FTW) Discover our company along: www.q2logistics.be Discover the FTW-system by: www.ftw-sim.de Kind Regards, Timo / Q2 Logistics
  6. fleetman

    Q2 Logistics by FSEconomy

    Hi, any FSEconomy pilots active over here? www.fseconomy.net I started a time ago my own virtual company over there, based on small private traveling & logistic transports. Has for the moment our own long term leased Piper PA32 in service. But hope to add asap more types in ownership to our fleet. Our pilots are also free to rent some other plane types on short rent base per flight. See our site for more info. We are based in Belgium (Europe) and operational within Europe by mainly small plane types. Check our site! We recruiting pilots to expand our operations! www.q2logistics.be (Website Under Development) Kind Regards
  7. Hmmmm, thanks for the information. But by my flight, at FL080 I lost almost all my engine power. I gues by icing in the engine/carburator. When I puched the button 'switch tks' from 'norm' towards 'max', my engine had almost immediately a boost in power, and could continue my flight furtere at normal power. Probably will that 'switch tks' -button work on the correct way on the right moment. Only my experience. Kind Regards,
  8. Hi, I have experience with FSE, AH1&2, and now in testing of FSCaptain. But this MIT-tool looks quit interesting as complement in what I miss in the other tools. Hoping to link the backstage data of MIT with my live online spreadsheets and to link live with my va-site. Thanks for the info about this unknown tool. Kind Regards, TimoDD
  9. Hi, is there any interest in flying business & GA ops in a virtual company home-based in Belgium, operational over Europe? We can expand with more bases over Europe on request. We streve/focus on realism. Our virtual company is already active in a va, but I'm developing an eponymous parallel project only focused on the aforementioned division(s) where we can focus more on details by our own needs, interest, economics & pilot/company -reputations. I'm available for further discussion, requests & proposes. Do not hesitate to contact me for more info. You can contact me by: Our own Discord-room: Click Here! Our division-site (work in progress): Click Here! Our division-Facebook: Click Here! Kind Regars, Q2 Logistics
  10. Hi Kevin, thanks for your tip. I take a look at it. EDIT: Typical support by Carenado & Alabeo. The users must solving the bugs by their self with tips & tricks, sad service!!! Kind Regards, Timo
  11. Thanks for your tip, I give it next time a try. Kind Regards, Timo
  12. Hi, I bought also this PA32. Have also this annoying problems with the alarm during approach/landing/taxi and the steering problem after the landing. Was there already an update or solution available on today? Thanks & Kind Regards, Timo / OST Aviations
  13. fleetman

    GTN 750 into the Carenado B200?

    Ok Bert, thanks for the information. I hope on Carenado his action, but I doubt they will do that adaptation. Thanks & Kind Regards, Timo
  14. fleetman

    GTN 750 into the Carenado B200?

    Hi, do you have images from the Virtual Cockpit with the GTN650/750? Would be great to see a result before I take the challenge. I hoping to have that GTN650/750 in my B1900& B200 Carenado his virtual cockpit. Kind Regards, Timo www.ostva.weebly.com www.facebook.com/ostair.virtual