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  1. Their system is convoluted and cantankerous. Please come chaseplane!!!!
  2. Hello, I have installed the updated Bell 47 but it still won't work. There is very low power available so the main rotor want spool up to high RPM! HELP!!!!
  3. Hi, I am sorry for the late reply. What I mean is when I land at an airport, I bring the the marshaling menu and the map is blank. Now airport. No options for stand to part the plane. NOTHING!
  4. No matter that Airport I land at, there is no stands available for a marshal. Departure airport seems fine. Whats up? Kent
  5. Thanks so much for the comments. As it turned out it was a corrupt DLL.xml file. I deleted it and did a new install and everything works fine.
  6. Hello, I have UGC 1.9 and was using it with P3D V4 with no problems before the new update but it does not work with P3D V5. I I have completely uninstalled it, removed all old folders and reinstalled it but nothing happens. No menu in the add on menu and no indexing airports when I start up P3D V5. Please help!
  7. I am having stutters too. It is annoying as hell. For anyone getting super smooth results, what are your settings and Card. I have a RTX 2080 Ti. I am going to try the 30 FPS and reboot now.
  8. Not me. My FMS keeps saying PRE-FLT Status. It never says completed. I create my routes using PFPX.
  9. I have the same problem programing the FMC. What the heck! Somebody help!!!!!
  10. 1. Concord 2. A340 3. CRJ-700 4. 757, 767, 787
  11. My I ask a question? I am running a i7 4790K OC at 4.7 GHz. I have a GTX 1060 Video Card. When I run P3d V4 on a single screen I am getting up to 72 FPS. When I extend to 3 Monitors my frame rate dros to 20 to 24 FPS. I am considering an upgrade such that I can run 3 screens with higher FPS. If I had to choose between and i7 7700K and the 1080 Ti video card, whuch do you feel would offer the greatest dividens baring in mind to uppgrade my CPU requires a Memory, CPU, and mohterboard upgrade, meaning the Price of the video card would be around the same price as the CPU upgrade. I can do one, but am reluctant to do both..............................................
  12. Can someone help me? I have a slightly different problem. I chaseplane loads fine. If I go to an outside view, then go back in, none of my key assignments work. I have to restart Chaseplane to get them to work again. If I hit the keys and in wont change any views. If I load the expeirmental versions, when I go to an outside view and go back in, my keys cause incrimental movements but won't change any views. MY ZOOM ON THE USER INTERFACE NO LONGER WORKS AT ALL!!!!!! :o(
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