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  1. Hello Can anybody tell me if there is a replacement for SimTouch Plus I've just had a re-build and it will not recognize my new m/c's number it went free in 2018 but now is no longer available what it did was enable you to transfer your MFD & PFD gauges to another screen including PMDG & Aerosoft Jets Regards Roy
  2. Help Can anybody tell me if I need to remove my existing Go-Flight config file before I replace it with the latest version Regards Royann
  3. Hello Not sure if this the right forum for my problem but here goes anyway my PMDG 737 NGX was a present from my son in March 2015 I am about to load it on a new system and I would like to check what the latest updates are but I am unable to log into the PMDG site as the product didn't come from their shop, can someone point me in the right direction please to where Ican obtain the latest updates. Regards Royann
  4. Thank you gentlemen you have been most helpful as usual Regards Royann
  5. Help Can anybody tell me where I can get pinted instructions on how to set up the FMC in my A318/9s without using UTube I would like a hard copy so I can print it out and follow it at my own pace. I'm looking to do a simple flight from EGMC to EGJJ to start with. I have printed the manual but have not found it much help Regards Royann
  6. Royann

    Sim Touch

    Hi has anybody used Sim Touch lately as I'm installing Win 10 and I've lost my registration code Regards Royann
  7. Royann


    Hello I've just purchased the Aerosoft A318/319/320 can someone advise me how to get my VRinsight M panel working with this aircraft Regards Royann
  8. Thank you that's what I wanted to know Regards Royann
  9. Hello I have a 737NGX disc v1.00.3219 and I'm using Win7 and I want to upgrade it to work on P3D V3 and I'm not sure how to go about it, do I load the disc onto my P3D and then apply the purchased update Roy Hayday
  10. Hello Can someone tell me how to get my Horizon VFR scenery which was for FSX into P3Dv3 please Royann
  11. Hello Can someone tell mi if my Horizon VFR Scenery will load into P3Dv3 please. Regards Royann
  12. Hello just a quick question is it possible to print out the Sid's & Stars instructions which appear on the right hand side of the plan details Regards Royann
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