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  1. Hi i am using p3d v.5 along with chaseplane. When i get to cruise level in sim the aircraft jumps from VC to outside view. around every 10 mins The only way i can get view back to VC is to press mouse button. It does this with any aircraft i use eg pmdg, aerosoft, fslabs. I am not sure if its p3d v.4.5 or chase plane, or a bug conflicting my mouse. Any help appreciated, as i dont want to go down the road of a complete re-install of everything. i am also using saitek rudders and flight yoke. Thanks stevie
  2. Hi, when i assign hat switch to look around cockpit i works fine, but when i move the mouse that also views around cockpit. Also when i exit chaseplane i cant use joystick to view about cockpit. How to i disable mouse movement and am i able to save joystick assignments. Thanks Stevie
  3. Hi i have a saitek yoke, what i would like to do with the hat button on the left of yoke is set it up to view around virtual cockpit, and the red button on the right of yoke i would like to set it up so when i press it it will take me outside of aircraft so i can take in the views. is this possible to setup in chaseplane. Thanks Stevie
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