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  1. I had to uninstalled FSX before due to some error in the system, but never had any problem with the PMDG installing untill now, I did installed Steam before , it was purchased a few years ago , but when i had to reinstalled FSX, i never reinstalled the Steam, at the same time never had no trouble installing the PMDG 737, its just recently that came up with me . I always like to do a clean installed too when i do this , its crazy why this is doing that. I also have the PD3 V 4 install too no problem there so far. I have both the FSX and the PD3v4 installed on the C drive. do not reckon they are interfering with the other would you? Thanks
  2. I did go and download the latest installer for that , I had made sure that FSX was fully uninstalled and the PMDG 737 , I had did this three times just in a week trying to get PMDG 737 installed . I had never before had this much trouble and i have done a installers before and never had this much trouble I have done everything you said above , and has not worked. I think that they have so much security built into this that it getting ridiculous to purchase anything anymore its not simple like it used to be. And i did not know you had such restriction on using your form, sorry for the so call redundancy. First time using the form. Thanks
  3. Hello I had to reinstall FSX to my computor, and i was installing the PMDG 737 NGX and this is what is coming up , and I had to do this before , and never had a problem reinstalling the plane. Below is what error coming up, can someone help me on this? Thanks. Feature transfer error Feature: FSX version-Original Microsoft Distribution Component : Save Flights MyDocs Files: C:|users|rlman|Documents|Flights SimulatorX-Steam Error: The system cannot find the file specified. I did reinstall the steam addition after installing FSX. Thanks Randy Manning
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