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  1. Hi Luke, I do have a PCIe x16 slot, but the GTX 960 card is too big for the available space. I plan to buy the Nvidia 1660 later this year. My motherboard is an AMD A320.
  2. Hi Luke, Thanks for the response. The old video card is not dead. I cannot install the GTX 960 in my new pc, due to a form factor issue. I only have one available slot, and the video card will not fit in the slot. Sorry for the confusion. Thom
  3. I would like to say special and heart-felt THANKS to John Cillis, Somiller, Lownslo, and Harold Finch for your support and helpful feedback regarding my situation. THANKS guys!!!! It turns out, according to Lockheed Martin, that I had not uninstalled P3DV4.4 prior to the crash, so all I had to do was download V4.5 and install on my new pc. I also just had to re-download my planes from Carenado, and Aerosoft, and Flysimware. My new pc has an AMD Ryzen5-2400G processor with 3.6GHz, with turbo-boost to 3.9 GHZ. While I lost the use of my Nvidia GTX 960 with 4GB of ram, my new pc has AMD Radeon Vega 11 integrated video graphics, which I learned is equivalent to the Nvidia 1030. I also now have 16GB of RAM and Windows 10 Pro. I am now going through the tedious process of reconfiguring my Yoke, Rudder Pedals, Switch Panel, and of course, P4DV4.5. I am hoping not to have the stutters and low FPS that I had with P3Dv4.4. Blue Skies, Thom
  4. My PC motherboard and hard disk drive recently died. The HP desktop pc was going on 11 years-old. The problem is, Prepar3Dv4.4 and all add-ons were on the HDD. Recovery efforts did not resurrect P3DV4.4, nor any of my airplanes or Active Sky apps. So, I bought a new PC. This means new IP Address, right? Does anyone know if I will have trouble reinstalling/activating P3DV4.4? Aerosoft airbuses and Carenado planes can be reinstalled on a new pc without a hassel, but don't know about LM P3DV4. Help! Thom
  5. After the nightmarish attempt at installing P3DV4.5, and the associated frustration I experienced, I decided to reinstall P3DV4.4 fresh. While I can get P3DV4.4 to run, (reduced FPS), I am not able to save a flight plan, or a Scenario. I uninstalled Academic Client, and reinstalled it, but to no avail. I can create the Flight Plan, but cannot save it to My Documents. I think I may have inadvertently deleted a file that I should have not. Does any body have any possible suggested fix????
  6. Hi ARK, Thanks for the update information. thosdick48
  7. Hello Ark, Sorry that I took so long to respond, but my access to the internet was interrupted due to a severed underground cable. Contractors for AT&T accidentally cut the cable, causing all of the homeowners on my block to suffer a loss of service. Obviously, my pc is back up and running, but today I just learned that LM released P3Dv4.5, so I will be busy uninstalling/reinstalling stuff. However, I will get back to you with the details of my results on trying your suggestion. Thanks for your help. Thosdick48
  8. I will give it a try, and let you know how it went. THANKS!!
  9. Hello Ark - your suggestion is very much appreciated. THANK YOU. After I launched the configuration and reviewed the settings you suggested, I observed that they were exactly what you suggested. So, in my further attempt to resolve the issue, I uninstalled the Conquest, and the reinstalled the plane, but this time I installed only one Garmin GTN 750 unit. I then started P3DV4.4, and then loaded the aircraft. Aside from the issue, I noticed a slight drop in my FPS. I then loaded a flight plan, and after climbing to about 1,000 ft. agl i activated the autopilot and clicked on NAV. The AP struggled to capture the DTK heading. At first it over-shot the heading, and then it attempted to initiate a corrective action several times. I am not sure if I had clicked on NAV1/GPS would have made a difference, so I ended the flight. I the recreated the flight plan, but selected HDG, after setting the DTK, and I got much, much better results. It appears that maybe I am not doing something right. In any event, thanks once again for your help. thosdick48 (Thom)
  10. I have two of the Flight1 Garmin GTN 750 units installed in the Cessna 441, and I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. I cannot get the aircraft NAV, or GPS features to track the course in my flight plan. The aircraft, however, does fly the heading, if I select HDG in the autopilot. Is there a Flysimware training manual for the Cessna 441 that provides instructions/guidance? I don't know if this is an aircraft issue or add-on issue. I also cannot get the Garmin GNS 530 to accurately track and fly the desired track heading, although it gets close to the heading, but not the heading.
  11. Thosdick48

    Aerosoft Airbus A318/A19 & A320/A321 -P3DV4.4

    Hey, Greggy. THANKS 🙂
  12. Thosdick48

    Aerosoft Airbus A318/A19 & A320/A321 -P3DV4.4

    So that I don't misunderstand you, is your response suggesting that they are compatible, or that I am looking in all the wrong places? I visited Aerosoft's website, and asked the question from the perspective of the subject planes being compatible with P3Dv4.4, no responses whatsoever. Any suggestions?
  13. Does anyone know if the Aerosoft Airbus Professional A18, A319, A320 and A321 are now compatible with LM Prepar3DV4.4? I have searched for an answer on the web, but with no luck. Maybe I am looking in the wrong places.