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  1. Sorry. Not buy, they will however have easy access.
  2. Type in 'L-1011 for sale' into Google. 737NG is OK. But the TriStar is a piece of history. What happen when beautiful engineering meets bad timing and poor finances. I wouldn't mind modernizing the L-1011. I'm still new to FSX, how do I find and replace gauges? Yessiree Eh... oh... TRISTAR FREIGHTER! Perfect! Now its modern! Do you know how many potential customers there are if the forums are 'Full of addicts'? Just saying, but that is why they call it an idea. I'm just trying to bring it to your attention, and keep interests in the plane that made TWA and Delta. Enough of an experience? He flew all three.Found at: http://www.airlinepi...s-l-1011-a.html Useful, yes. Classic, no.
  3. I think it would be totally awesome if PMDG made a Lockheed L-1011 model. I have been fascinated by it ever since I saw it, I went out and got a FSX model and it sucked.The modelBut I was thinking, PMDG is renowned for it's quality and accuracy, so it would be an amazing thing if they made a model for it, I can already picture the beautiful cockpit, and the amazing jet model, complete with a spinning fan inside the S-Duct engine, fly by wire technology, the Direct Life Control system (no elevator to pitch the plane! it uses the spoilers instead) and the first Cat IIIb autroland system. It would be epic, of course they could modernize it, you know, with computers and such, but I would be just as impressed with the old fashioned analog gagues. CockpitThe plane to modelThanks for the discussion and I look forward to your comments
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