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  1. PMDG 737 800/900....not an issue until recently. All other views 40-50+fps, 2d panel drops to 4-6 fps, slideshow.
  2. Very sad to hear of Eric's passing. 767 PIC was a game sim changer, one of those FS add-ons that squeezed every ounce out of Flight Simulator's limitations, taking it to the pinnacle of "as real as it gets" in it's time....and still a wonder to behold(and enjoy)today. Thank you Eric for your dedication and contribution to this hobby. ...Blue Skies and Tail Winds... My condolences to his family.
  3. Disregard, appears that a uploaded FSX version seems to work OK in FS2004...
  4. I've searched but most links are no longer valid to download/make FS2004 compatible Yannick Lavigne's excellent Falcon 50 . Unless there is another file/location I'm not aware of that has the complete(for FS2004)aircraft, the 3 files I've read required are... Fal50c2.zip(FS2002) Fa50pch2.zip(patch) Falcon50_2k4.zip(FS2004 compatible) + paints/tweaks Found links for the first 2, but not the 3rd(Falcon50_2k4.zip) Thanks
  5. I've seen some for AI and the Captain Sim(?)version, but not Posky. Thanks
  6. With their own version of the 12th man(representing the fans) ...by flying a "12" 'th man route ...since flightaware had the coordinates...I figured(no kidding)....why not... View attachment: seahawk1.jpg ...using PMDG 737. (hoping someone with a lot more talent then myself can perhaps paint this beauty on a Posky 747 8F) You can view the forum posting here. And you can get the entire flight plan there.
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