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  1. contrailer

    Obituary: Eric Ernst

    Very sad to hear of Eric's passing. 767 PIC was a game sim changer, one of those FS add-ons that squeezed every ounce out of Flight Simulator's limitations, taking it to the pinnacle of "as real as it gets" in it's time....and still a wonder to behold(and enjoy)today. Thank you Eric for your dedication and contribution to this hobby. ...Blue Skies and Tail Winds... My condolences to his family.
  2. contrailer

    Falcon 50 for FS9?

    Disregard, appears that a uploaded FSX version seems to work OK in FS2004...
  3. contrailer

    Falcon 50 for FS9?

    I've searched but most links are no longer valid to download/make FS2004 compatible Yannick Lavigne's excellent Falcon 50 . Unless there is another file/location I'm not aware of that has the complete(for FS2004)aircraft, the 3 files I've read required are... compatible) + paints/tweaks Found links for the first 2, but not the 3rd( Thanks
  4. I've seen some for AI and the Captain Sim(?)version, but not Posky. Thanks
  5. Searched, but cannot find. Thanks. Sorry moderators, could you please move this topic to the "paint request" forum.
  6. Sorry for the(really)late reply Damian. So that explains why the winds aloft weren't interpolating correctly for a quite a while, and then the download function itself stopped working recently.... and my 2003 Kenmore no longer sounds like a new washing machine :smile: (all good things....) Anyway, thanks for the information....guess some of us old folk hate to modernize.... (pig-headed indeed)
  7. Could someone please confirm that older versions(talking AS2004)are no longer supported/usable? I have been out of the hobby for a while and just noticed when opening my old AS2004 WX engine it no longer downloads any WX data. Thanks.
  8. OK, thanks Vaughan. ...not getting anywhere close to that... KDTW(from current_wx_snapshot.txt) for 062353z... top winds(FL390?) 263/43 -56.5 older(AS)version may no longer be interpolating data correctly...or ??? Oh well, FS WX/winds appear OK...guess I'll stick with that for the time being. Thanks again.
  9. The (Avsim) Activesky forum seems dead figure I'd post here instead. For anyone using Activesky(any version) for FS9...having any trouble getting upper-level winds to be anywhere close to real current/forecast conditions? Last few days forecasts through the middle of the US ADDS has shown winds at upper altitudes over 100kts, mostly westerly. I am still using an older version of Activesky(2004), but up until now it has been pretty accurate with downloading/installing current/forecast the downloaded data file(while still accurate with airport conditions)are way off with winds aloft. Example from yesterday for KDEN area ADDS 260 122 -51....34000 260 112 -60....39000 AS(from data file) 010 051 -52.9.....34000 349 039 -57.5.....39000 I don't know if I accidentally changed something or what....just wanting to know if anyone else is having this issue...perhaps with newer AS versions... Thanks
  10. I'm still using the original AS for 2004...yeah, I know it's old...(so am I) :( . Anyway, until recently it had been working fine as far as downloading/representing winds aloft DIR/ compared to actual forecast winds listed on NOAA,ADDs, etc. Not sure how long it's been this way... but now AS downloaded wind speeds are about 1/2 what they should be at the higher altitudes. It's not the program itself not applying the proper speed from the downloaded data, it's the data itself(current_wx_snapshot.txt inside AS folder)that is showing these reduced speeds. As an example, a flight today from DTW-ORD was showing winds in excess of 80-90kts at FL280(ADD forecast). I cleared all WX in FS/FSUIPC...first applied real-time FS WX(download winds enabled)and the winds were fairly accurate(topped at it's 99kt. limit). Cleared the weather again and opened up AS. Wind speeds at altitude now were only about 40-50kts...those wind speeds were what was showing in the programs winds aloft section also. So, did I change something(accidentally)....or perhaps it's something to do with using an old/outdated(like myself)ActiveSky??? Thanks
  11. contrailer

    Words I need to share with our Community

    "If there be any truer measure of a man than by what he does, it must be by what he gives". Prayers to one of the true icons of this community...and his family. God bless you Tom Allensworth.
  12. Other than AI models did Opensky/other make one available?
  13. With their own version of the 12th man(representing the fans) flying a "12" 'th man route ...since flightaware had the coordinates...I figured(no kidding)....why not... View attachment: seahawk1.jpg ...using PMDG 737. (hoping someone with a lot more talent then myself can perhaps paint this beauty on a Posky 747 8F) You can view the forum posting here. And you can get the entire flight plan there.