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  1. Very sad to hear of Eric's passing. 767 PIC was a game sim changer, one of those FS add-ons that squeezed every ounce out of Flight Simulator's limitations, taking it to the pinnacle of "as real as it gets" in it's time....and still a wonder to behold(and enjoy)today. Thank you Eric for your dedication and contribution to this hobby. ...Blue Skies and Tail Winds... My condolences to his family.
  2. Disregard, appears that a uploaded FSX version seems to work OK in FS2004...
  3. I've searched but most links are no longer valid to download/make FS2004 compatible Yannick Lavigne's excellent Falcon 50 . Unless there is another file/location I'm not aware of that has the complete(for FS2004)aircraft, the 3 files I've read required are... Fal50c2.zip(FS2002) Fa50pch2.zip(patch) Falcon50_2k4.zip(FS2004 compatible) + paints/tweaks Found links for the first 2, but not the 3rd(Falcon50_2k4.zip) Thanks
  4. I've seen some for AI and the Captain Sim(?)version, but not Posky. Thanks
  5. Searched, but cannot find. Thanks. Sorry moderators, could you please move this topic to the "paint request" forum.
  6. Sorry for the(really)late reply Damian. So that explains why the winds aloft weren't interpolating correctly for a quite a while, and then the download function itself stopped working recently.... and my 2003 Kenmore no longer sounds like a new washing machine :smile: (all good things....) Anyway, thanks for the information....guess some of us old folk hate to modernize.... (pig-headed indeed)
  7. Could someone please confirm that older versions(talking AS2004)are no longer supported/usable? I have been out of the hobby for a while and just noticed when opening my old AS2004 WX engine it no longer downloads any WX data. Thanks.
  8. With their own version of the 12th man(representing the fans) ...by flying a "12" 'th man route ...since flightaware had the coordinates...I figured(no kidding)....why not... View attachment: seahawk1.jpg ...using PMDG 737. (hoping someone with a lot more talent then myself can perhaps paint this beauty on a Posky 747 8F) You can view the forum posting here. And you can get the entire flight plan there.
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