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  1. had a good long day at college today :) - the frankie and bennies really made it more bearable! :P AND I GOT AN IRN BRU GOODY BAG o.O

  2. going to book my driving lessons with andy easton, does anyone know any better ones in west lothian?

  3. long day at college tomorrow -.- Night fb! x

  4. could possibly be the new care taker at the mcdonalds in Livingston ! LOL

  5. this is ridiculous. Still no funding for travel been put into my bank for starting up college. Costs me £12 a day to travel through. When i applied for a student loan with SAAS they said to contact my college to see what funding they can offer me. All the college can offer me is £80 a month on travel expenses. Ahhh!! o.O

  6. ahhhh dads just binned the pool table!!! NOOO

  7. ugh this summer hol is seeming never ending. College next week :D just need to find out what time it starts xD

  8. Going to a watch a hypnotist show next weekend at Pivilion in Glasgow :D

  9. Looking for work has now became so stressful. It's going to be a major struggle to cover my travel costs to college when it starts back up :/

  10. no more ethanol for me!

  11. playing with sexy aldo on the piano ;) LOL xx

  12. really not happy.

  13. RSAMD are changing their name to the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland... ##### :L

  14. voluntery at the cafe in st johns hospital - yae or nae? xD

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