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    Thanks Dan, problem solved. It was a corrupt panel state file. Many thanks again Guy Robillard
  2. Hi everyone, with B748 Master caution light always stays on...any clues ? Thanks Guy
  3. Good Morning, congrats on the new 747 i bought it january 31 and enjoy it since then. But have an issue and i woould like to open a ticket. I ve tried to reset my password to open new ticket (because forgot it) the automatic system replies that a new password is sent to my email. For some reasons it dosent work . (and its not in the Junk mail) I dont know how to get to you guys. Can you give me info please. My email Thanks Guy Robillard
  4. Hi everyone, my friend and i are trying to share 737 ngx cockpit, using Desk Pilot. We did some test like pinging true Hamashi it works. when we open Desk pilot (pilot side) server starts, we able to enable cockpit and fsuipc is ok. On the host side we see true Hamashi that client is joining session. When we try to connect from client side we press the button and 2 secondes later it disconnect. Also by default we have an IP adress by default that we cannot modify ( is it normal i dont know ?) in the key window it written TESTPASS on the server as well as on the client side. Anybody having any ideas how to get into that cockpit sharing. I feel that we are near but yet not too many explanations about that specific situation. Would appreciate any help...Thanks

    sdk error

    anyone have a SDK message in main panel?? for fs2crew pmdg 777

    RAAS not working PMDG 777

    I had RASS volume problem, as soon as i was getting back into fsx the master volume would shut off. I e-mail bryan explaining the problem i had. After two verification, he found that in the CDU in the volume section (PMDG setup) if the master volume is 20% or less the volume of the RASS system would shut off. I've set it to 50% and it works just fine. Thanks to Bryan for the rapid and effective support.