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  1. Thanks for the suggestion Hans. I disabled all scenery except for the Default Terrain, Default Scenery and the Continents. No effect. This is leading me to believe, a file(s) has been overwritten in the default scenery that is causing this anomaly. Might just have to live with it as my sim looks fantastic and hate to resort to a fresh install. I was hoping someone may have some more technical ideas to determine how this is possible (for example, what type of files can override or exclude these polygons on a large scale?) I will play with those settings Jerry but, I do like what they do for my sims appearance with all my mods. Appreciate all the suggestions people. Many thanks.
  2. So I've located a small set of VTPP files from the "Forgotten Airports" package (by Bastian Blinten) found on Flightsim.com that when active, somehow allows autogen to spew across all default airports worldwide. When I remove the files Abidjan_VTPP Bissau_VTPP Cotonou_VTPP Freetwon_VTPP Manzini_VTPP Nouakchott_VTPP, all the default airports now have autogen excluded from appearing on runways and aprons. So I got that going for me but, I still don't visually see that background grass around the default airports (ie city streets, farms, etc are still rendering under the runways just no autogen. Weird.
  3. Not sure I used those..... Investigating.... I have discovered that after disabling ALL addon folders the autogen problem seemed to have disappeared but visually the polygon for the airport backgrounds still don't show (underlining city polygon beneath a nearby airport etc) But it is helpful. Will investigate further. If so, I'll have to figure out how to remove them.
  4. I am at my wits end for diagnosing this anomaly. So I have a question: Is there an enhancement addon released in the last few years that may affect the display/effect of the ABxxxxxx.bgl files (Airport Background) to the extent that the polygons no longer display AND autogen scenery is now all over the aprons and runways? I've been coping with the issue for a while (creating new polygons and exclude files with SBuilder as I encouter them) however, recently I experimented an bounced around the entire globe to various default airports and can see that it is a global problem. I've searched the default scenery folders to confirm that all the AB files are present for the affected airports and through SBuilder can confirm that all the polygons are layered at "7" (for airport background/autogen exclude). Furthermore, I have scanned the terrain.cfg files and all Airport background textures are flagged "autogen exclude =1" which according to documentation is correct. I'm sure I installed something (which may make it impossible to track down) that has configured FS scenery to somehow "hide" this airport background polygons (thus creating autogen trees and buildings on top) but, I'm hoping for some suggestions as to hunting down the issue..... What can cause this? Just recently I have disabled the world texture folder (so autogen is gone), I've disabled various addon scenery folders but before I go through all 1400+ entries, I was hoping someone may have experienced and fixed or my have an inkling as to what type of file/addon/freeware/payware that may be able to essentially disable all the AP background polygons from rendering without deleting or editing the original BGLs. I'm assuming an exclude of some kind but, for all of them? A search on google has turned up only a couple instances reported by others but nothing resolved nor does it seem very likely it is a common issue (only response indicated a landclass file but, worldwide?) If someone out there has experienced this and/or can recall what addon caused this please post. Any other suggestions are very welcome. Thanks
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