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  1. I had the same problem and what I did was is logout and then add what I wanted to the cart and then on the checkout page it says, "Quickly register a new account with our speedy One Page Checkout system!" where you click "Continue" below that and that worked for me. It's funny though because then I had 2 accounts but that's the only thing that worked for me.
  2. No I was just happy with with the performance I got with it on my old hardware although it might be because the aircrafts systems weren't loaded up all the way. Obviously I wouldn't want to fly it in it's current state but when I get my new build with Windows 7 64-bit it should work perfectly and then I'll be super happy!
  3. Just got done testing out the 777 for the first time! There are compatibility issues in Windows XP 32-bit but that's not a problem for me as I'll be upgrading to Windows 7 64-bit. Currently running on an E8500 at stock speeds with an HD 5770 and 4GB ram. FSX scenery settings maxed out except mesh resolution at 76m and texture resolution at 2m. Water effects none, scenery complexity and autogen density sparse. Airline traffic and GA at 100% everything else at 0% but it's only default traffic. Frames locked at 30fps. Graphics card settings are 2x AA and 2x anisotropic and AA mode is multi-sampling. Loaded up at OKBK at ~8am fair weather and the 777 had it's gear up (floating) and instruments in the cockpit were all off. Frames were at ~30fps all the time cycling views and everything. Maybe the performance was good because the 777 wasn't loaded up all the way with the compatibility issues but I'm still happy how it ran on my hardware! Task manager was reporting FSX.exe using ~500MB in the cessna (OKBK test) and in the 777 it went to 1GB but that's really good! Again maybe less than it would have been if the 777 had loaded up all the way. Really happy with it and now to get my new build underway with Windows 7 64-bit!
  4. A Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge i5 + cpu heatsink + mobo + ram combo on eBay is as much as a Haswell i5 cpu! I'm going to be using medium to low settings in FSX and my graphics card settings are multi-sampling and I have sliders set to 2x for AA and anisotropic. I enjoy the graphics so much with these settings but many people won't like what I'm seeing. Also I don't use addons except for free airport sceneries and then AI traffic (world of ai) maxed out at 100%. I'm sure I can get at least 20fps in the 777 wherever I fly. Also I'm going with 64-bit Windows and 8GB ram.
  5. Thanks I used the search function and found some recent stuff on the "cart empty" issue. Also I did clear the browser cache multiple times and that didn't do anything but I did solve the problem! I tried this in both Windows XP 32-bit as well as Linux and the same problem would occur where I'd get a "cart empty" message. What I did was logout and add the 777 to the cart as a guest and then press "checkout" and then I was taken to a page where I could checkout with PayPal which worked! I was taken to another page which had me enter in a password to create an account and then I was given the download link. Basically I checked out as a guest but was then given an account where I could download the 777. Thanks everyone!
  6. I can only afford to get a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge system.
  7. I'm planning on using the 777 with Windows 7 64-bit but I haven't got the OS yet. Buying the 777 now would allow me to test it out on my current rig before moving to my new rig. I also have a feeling that it might be Windows XP 32-bit and the web browser communicating with the site in an incompatible way. Currently downloading a Linux 64-bit live cd with a web browser to see if that makes a difference.
  8. After logging in and after adding the 777 for FSX to the cart and trying to checkout I get a "cart empty" message. Tried this with Firefox 45 ESR and the latest Google Chrome all on Windows XP 32-bit. Cache, cookies all set to on and have tried multiple times but still get the "cart empty" message.
  9. In Windows XP 32-bit I'm idling at ~350MB ram and If that goes up to 2GB I get CTD's so I really only have ~1.65GB for FSX but that seems like not enough so I'll probably get 64-bit. My rig is an E8500 3.16GHz, HD 5770, 4GB ram. I'm planning a Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge build as that's what I'm feeling is good price/performance and would prefer Windows 7 as the OS rather than Windows 10. This rig would be purely for FSX which I'd run at medium to low settings with only airport sceneries and AI traffic. Graphics card settings with multi-sampling and lots of 2x settings.
  10. Thanks yes asking about how much ram the 777 needs is best! So 800MB for just the 777 means that coupled with FSX using ram for scenery and AI traffic I'd be getting pretty close to the 2GB limit for applications in a 32-bit OS. Looks like Windows 7 64 is probably the best way to go. Thanks again!
  11. Yes I understand that addons will impact the memory usage and so I won't get good numbers to work with but really why I want to know is because I'd like to use the 777 with Windows XP 32-bit. I know that PMDG have stated that an older OS like Windows XP may work but compatibility is not certain but I'm willing to try before getting Windows 7 64-bit. On Windows XP I'm idling around 350MB of ram and in FS9 with PMDG 747, UK2000 Heathrow (free) and World of AI at 100% the ram usage as reported for FS9 in the task manager is ~900MB. I'd be running quite low settings in FSX without any addons except a few airport sceneries and AI traffic 100% and I'm wondering what the ram usage for FSX as shown in the task manager would be? If at UK2000 Heathrow (free) and AI traffic at 100% in the 777 the ram doesn't go above 1.6-1.8GB for the system overall then I can use Windows XP 32-bit.
  12. Could a handful of people please load up the T7 at a default airport and indicate how much ram FSX.exe is consuming? I know that everyone has different addons that will contribute to more or less ram usage but this is just for me to get an idea of how much ram is being used. Much appreciated!
  13. Hi Dan thanks! Yes I'm seeing that my thread has already been moved to the Legacy sub forum. I do realize that PMDG no longer support this version of the 747 but I'm using it with FS9 right now and love it! I thought it might be cool to just know all the cool things that are modeled in the aircraft so that when flying it I can always know it's super sophisticated!
  14. Hi, I'm looking for a features/cool things list for the 747-400 for FS2004/FS9. The list would be things like: "The fuel is measured by sensors in the tank and when the aircraft moves the sensors detect different things etc." "Landing gear detects weight at different points etc." Just similar to the things that were was posted before the 747-400 V3 came out except I'm looking for this kind of stuff for the 747-400 for FS2004/FS9. Thanks for any help! Daniel Murzello
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