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  1. Hello! Yes, I have the latest FSUIPC
  2. Hello, I'm using VRI MCP and Linda 1.11. It works, but the displays of the 737 NGX Autopilot are not synchronised with the displays of my MCP. The displays of the MCP always return back to 000. Please help. Best regards, Thorsten
  3. Hi, is it possible to use my VRINSIGHT MCP/CDU II together with Prosim737 by using LINDA? Only a fw PM-offsets work (no EFIS).Cheers Thorsten
  4. Sorry, but I can't find the offsets in Linda 1.03 for AP's heading and altitude plus and minus. So I can't congigure VASFMC 2.10 and VRINSIGHT MCP.........
  5. Hello, does anybody know, if the 737 NGX and VASFMC 2.10 works together? Or is there any prbolem with the AP?Regards, Thorsten
  6. I did so, but I can't switch the loudnes. I only see the yellow "0". Maybe there is a conflict with EZDOK?Cheers
  7. Thanks, it works now. I don't know the mistake I made.....
  8. Hi, I'm using FS2Crew in the default 737. After I have pushed the "CAB" I see a yellow "0" in the panel. What does it mean? Regards, Thorsten
  9. I did so, but only one function (increase rangerings) work...
  10. Hello, I would like to use my vrinsight MCP and the RealityXP WX500 together. I would like to program the WX500 in mode2 of the EFIS. But the shortcuts of Linda für the LIB:RealityXP-RXP.... don't work. Any help for me?Thorsten
  11. Hi, is it possible to use VRINSIGHT MCP and CDU II together with LINDA? Or must I start MCP via LUA and the CDU II via SerialFP?Best regards, Thorsten
  12. Hello Word Not Allowed, I know, that vasfmc 2.09 has offsets. These offsets don't work in 2.10. You can't manage the AP of VASFMC (f. e. altitude). The AP of the standard FSX 737-800 doesn't sho the same value like the VASFMC FCU, for example. I've heard, that they are working on new offsets for the 2.10 version.Best regards, Thorsten
  13. Sorry, I can't uoload the file here. But cyou can download it on the avsim, search for vasfmc2.09. It is not included in version 2.1.