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  1. I installed FlightGear in my PC and I'm having problems playing the game particularly in keyboard and joystick control assignments. Anyone having better luck with this game. Thanks Don
  2. This probably as the result of an unsuccessful attempt to load the Megascenery X SoCal software in my PC. Now everytime I click on the FSX icon to start playing the game I get this annoying message. "scenery.cfg file error. D:\program files\Socal\Socal\scenery in scenery area .121 not found" After click OK, I can go on to play the game. How can I get rid of this?
  3. Is the FSX Acceleration a 32-Bit or is it a 64-Bit program? My D:\ drive where I have the game loaded listed a "Program File" and a "Program File (x86). I understand that the standard "program File" is desinged for 64-Bit programs and the "Program File (x86)" for 32-Bit programs. Or does it matter where the FSX is loaded.
  4. Gentlemen: Thanks for the help. JvanE. I,ve read the link to your suggested solution to the problem - several times. I've also read the submitted answers by others. However, I'm not getting any headway and I'm getting chastised because I can't get it to work. So let's just drop it. The Megascenery worked in my other PC with WinXP and i answered the question about what OS I am using. So until I can figure out something let's just consider this question as resolved.
  5. OK. I copied the Megascenery X folder to the FSX addon scenery. But when I go to the FSX Scenery Library and clicked on Add, it takes me to a Select Scenery directory Box. But when i select the scenery folder and clicked OK, nothing happens. It did not add the folder to the FSX Scenery Library. BTW, in the Select Scenery Directory Box, at the bottom is a Directory blank bar and below is a Scnery Title blank bar also. Do these hae to be filled out?
  6. I just loaded Megascenery X SoCal into my new PC but I forgot how to add it to the FSX scenery setting. I went to the FSX Scenery Setting, clicked on Add, located the file I loaded, clicked on it but nothing happens. What am i doing wrong. The file is located in my D drive/program files/Socal/socal.
  7. I've got a fairly good PC which I built myself. It's got a 3.5G-FX8320 8-Core Processor, 32 Gs RAM, and an HD 7770 video card. I know that the FSX is a pretty demanding program so I set my settings high but not max. Everything is fine (performance and graphic) however I've noticed that when I look at the aircraft from outside, the aircraft seemed to jerk a bit. What setting do I have to adjust to get rid of the jerking motion. other than that the game seems to run fine. One more thing, what do you think of the Megascenery X Southern California add-on for FSX?
  8. I changed the path from D: \program files\MICROSOFT GAMES to D:\program files\FLIGHT SIMULATOR FSX and now when I click on the FSX Logo, the game won't boot up. When I go to program files\MICROSOFT FLIGHT SIMULATOR FSX and click on the folder, it takes me to the flight simulator files. How can I correct this and get the logo back so I can play the game by just clicking on it.
  9. I know how to get to the fsx.cfg in my existing PC with WinXP HomEd 32 bit OS (c:\document and setting\name\application data\microsoft\fsx) but in my new PC which has the Win7 Ultimate OS I'm not familiar with the path. I'm new to Win7. Any help will be appreciated.
  10. It's me again. To top it all, this is getting to be comical. Go to the Abacus mission titled "Abacus_FD6_Initial_Training_Goshawk_Kingsville_NAS_1". Try taxiing or taking off in the T-45 Goshawk and see what happens. My experience was that shortly after lining up for take off, the engine shuts down and I was unable to restart. I tried to go a different route to the runway and while taking off, the engine shuts down before I can ge airborne. Seems like I was running out of gas. This is a Mickey Mouse software.
  11. For a while I thought I was the only one having problems with Flight Deck 6 (FD6). The only aircraft that can get up enough speed to clear the bow during launch was the F18C and the only aircraft that I can get a "nice trap" landing was the F18E. I've had the same landing problems with FD5. What bothers me most was the indifference by Abacus techs to at least reply to me repeated e-mails and phone calls. I suggested that until Abacus can get the bugs ironed out, the software should be taken off the retail racks. Even the Abacus Extreme Landscape software had numerous problems. I tested all the missions in all three categories, and eighty percent did not work.
  12. I'm with you bertvankampen.I am totally disappointed with most Abacus products, their Extreme Landscape and their Flight Deck models in particular. With FD5, I was only able to successfully land one type aircraft on its carrier and with others the aircraft won't stop no matter how successful the landing. Further, during approach, there will be an aircraft sitting right on the cable area causing me to wave off. Regarding the FD6 on the other hand, I can only launch successfully with an F18C. With all others, the aircraft don't get up enough speed to get airborne and thus I hit the drink. I've tried so many times to contact Abacus about the matter via e-mail as well as phone calls but got no response. During one phone call I was referred to the only tech the have who knows anything about Flight Deck 6 and all he suggested was for me to reload the program but no joy. I tried seeking help from many flightsim forums but for some reason have not gotten any replies.These phenomenon happens with FD6 loaded in both my PC. What disturbs me most was Abacus total indifference to my complaint. The game is still being advertised and is still in the retailer's shelves.
  13. I recently loaded Flight Deck 6. I was skeptical at first because of the problems I encountered with Flight Deck 5 which were never resolved. My problem with FD6 is that with the exception of the F18C, none of the other aircraft would gather enough speed to get airborne during catapult launch thus ending down the drink. I phoned and e-mailed the Abacus tech support several time but not only it took sometime before I got a response, but from the response it seemed that no one know how to fix the problem. Even the only tech who was supposed to be the expert, he could not come up with an answer. Has anyone experienced similar problems with their FD6?
  14. Is there a forum which deals specifically with Abacus add-ons? Abacus has many add-ons to the FSX and in particular the Flight Deck software. I loaded the Flight Deck 6 and I'm having problems already which their (Abacus) tech support are unable to help. I'm sure I'm not the only one having problems with the add-on software. Perhaps the forum can exchange ideas on how to correct the problem. I also had problems with Flight Deck 5 and with the exception of the tailhook problem, Abacus tech support were unable to help either. I enjoy playing the game of launching and recovering aircraft from a moving aircraft carrier.Thanks
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