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  1. Go to the GSX "Customise Airport" page. In the upper right hand corner you'll find a little plane and some elevation values. Mark all the air-bridges on the right of the panel and click on the little plan. That should set it right
  2. I agree with Benjamin's observations. I found that if you do an AUTOLAND the aircraft performs absolutely as it should. So pressure of the stick and it works. I must admit I still have problems with it but is getting better. For me, right now it is the best available A340 for Prepar Cheers Peter
  3. Yes it does work. I've installed it outside the sim and it performs well. There are some issues with ground textures at one or two parking positions at the fringe (p62 +p63), but otherwise it's all there. No problem cheers Peter
  4. I honestly do not understand what this AS bashing should be good for. I am flying all the busses they released without any problem. I have the BB 330/340 (they have some small problems), I use PPFX since it was released. What I see and read is the expectation that everything should be working 250% correct all the time. This doesn't happen in the RW either. Why do pilots spent most of their training in emergency environments? So they can pilot the plane to safety when something goes wrong. If your simulation doesn't run correctly, be a pilot, take control and execute the flight safely as per your flight plan. If the bus goes up like a rocket, change to the VS button and control the accent, if the CRJ doesn't follow the SID or STAR correctly, fly by hand or use the HDG switch. I am flying simulators since FS4 (1988) and we are in haven today compared to those days. Why does everything a company does to improve our simulation experience be met with toxic comments? In the more then 4000 plus hours I am flying FSX/Prepar I landed 99.6% of all my flights somehow or the other at the intended airfield. Trust me in FS4 there was no GPS/FMC or MCDU. it was VOR to VOR and for longer distances you needed to calculate and triangulate the wind as well. Pilots are there to pilot the aircraft, bugs and problems are the excitement that come with the hobby, not the despair. Cheers Peter (YMML)
  5. Hi Chris and all, that did it for me disabled all but the tool tips and no more crashes Thanks for the good work cheers Peter Heyn
  6. FeRo, not sure if this can help. I recently reinstalled my P3D completely and had the same problem. Couldn't set anything, couldn't get the edit function to work. Make sure that your P3D.exe file runs 100% as administrator (I set every user to full permissions [incl special permissions]). I did the same with the Ezdok configuration tool and the EZCA.exe file. Once this was done and a reboot performed all functions are back cheers Peter
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