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  1. Setting up brakes in FSUIPC4

  2. Hi Mad dog,I tried the 'Regedit' procedure without success, no improvement at all.So as you suggested tried the Saitek support forum and there I was told that "providing I had the correct drivers installed.All I needed to do was open Saitek Control Panel (which will be showing axis off centre) then unplug the yoke and plug it straight back ".Gadzooks!! it worked perfectly for me.Thanks for help Mad dog,Cheerz Sonny
  3. Thanks for the reply, I will let you know how I go and also register with Saitek.
  4. I have installed a 'Saitek Yoke' for my FSX. All controls and buttons work correctly, with the exception of the 'X' axis (ailerons) which will not center in neutral, it is off to the right.Therefore in free flight, with the Yoke in neutral, I go in Right hand circles. I can get the plane to fly straight, with 'aileron trim; but that affects the banking differencial.Can someone please tell me how to rectify this?Cheerz
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