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  1. Hi. I'm trying to get my head around flight planning in msfs 2020 and would like to learn navigation with just Vors and Ndbs only. Looking at the UK on Skyvector I can see that some airports have this type of info available but many don't. Say for example I wanted to depart one airport and arrive at another that's approx 400 miles away and the arrival airport is only small and has no vor or ndb, how would I get to it? I see i can check the map for Vors and Ndbs close to that direct route and perhaps zig zag to them to get to my destination but what if there weren't any close to that specific direct route? I'd have to do some pretty large zig zags. In MSFS the obvious choice would be to just to add the departure airport and arrival airport and the gps is set up to follow the direct line but I don't want to use it that way and instead navigate as I mentioned above. Really enjoying flight simming and love reading online tutorials and videos but seem to get stuck on may things. Cheers, Andrew Forgot to add that my choice of aircraft is the C172 with or without G1000 .
  2. Thanks very much for the reply. I only use X-Plane 11 but have now started with MSFS 2020 so wanted to update both of those. Didn't realise the free navigraph data was 3 years old so will get the 1 month subscription and update. 😉
  3. Hi. Very new to LNM and was wondering if I could get a one month subscription to Navigraph, export the most recent database and import it to LNM? Basically I don’t want to get an ongoing subscription to Navigraph as can’t afford it but would like the latest airport details. Is that possible at all or no real major difference between the latest AIRAC Cycle 2010 and the free one that comes with LNM? Thanks for any help. Andrew
  4. Thanks again. I downloaded the Oculus tray tool and tried a few settings. Your right, 1.5 /1.6 does make quite a bit of difference over the default settings on the Rift S. The panel was a lot sharper and easier see. I left my post up on Gumtree during that time and someone offered to buy the headset so its off in the mail today. I'm not interested in the Quest or Facebook and looks like support for Rift S will go next year so will see what the Reverb G2 is like. Back to the original poster, try VR out with whatever headset you can get your hands on just to experience what the flying is like. Really good fun.
  5. Hey Flyfox. I had no idea about the supersampling and just used the Rift S as it was installed. At work now but just looked up the Oculus Debug Tool online and will give it a go tomorrow. The guy in the Youtube clip set it to 1.5 so will start with that. To be honest I was a little gutted when I gave up with the Rift as the flight experience makes the regular monitor version feel like playing an app on your phone. I just packed up the Rift and put it up for sale on Gumtree here in Australia. Better unpack it again for a weekend of testing and will report back 😉 One thing I did read though this morning was that facebook are packing in the Rift S. Cheers fron Downunder
  6. I first tried VR using the Oculus Rift S in Xplane and was totally amazed. Everything was more enclosed, confined and life size and you can move your head around freely which is a lot more natural than using the hat switch. Yes at first it does feel like your wearing a dive mask as the view is restricted but as other have mentioned once you get into the flying you kind of forget. After the flight you actually feel like you've been somewhere and is truly impressive. I wouldn't recommed the Oculus Rift S or any of the 2020 current Oculus range at all though as the resolution is fairly low and can be quite frustrating when concentrating and trying to read the gauages, gps etc. even when you lean forward and look close. For now, I have an old Track IR 4 that I dug out last week and found that to be very useful. To be honest I'd struggle to enjoy a flight withought it now as you also have 6dof although it is obviously limited to the monitor in front of you. There's no real confined immersion that you get with the VR headset but it is realistic for looking around the cockpit. Drawback is that the newer TrackIR 5 is disgustingly over priced for what it is.... seriously too expensive but if you can get a secondhand V4 it would be good and keep you going until higher res VR headsets hit the market. Lots of hopes on the Reverb G2 and may run smooth in Xplane with settings lowered. No idea about MSFS 2020 even if/when it does get VR as the frame rates will tank considerably. Have to love the new MSFS though with all it's great graphics. Loads of bugs but will hopefully catch up. Hope that helps.
  7. If your interested in Aviation museums there's a couple of incredibly detailed and free 360 degree virtual tours of the Darwin Aviation Museum, NT and also the Perth Aviation Museum, WA in Australia. Take a good look around a B52, Lancaster, Catalina, Dakota C47, Avro Anson, B-25 Mitchell Bomber , Wessex helicopter, COBRA AH-IG and many other aircraft and displays. There's also the B-24 J Liberator 'Milady' Wreck Site in Cox Peninsula, NT that you can explore without the humidity. Very little chance of international visitors stopping by these locations in person this year and perhaps even next year so a bit of support via online visitors will go a long way and you only need to register with your name and email address to access the tours. vuseum.com
  8. Hi, Something slightly little different If anyone's interested. There's 3 Australian aviation museums up online that you can tour for free. Don't imagine that many people will ever get the chance to visit them in Western Australia with it being so remote so this is the next best thing. No VR headset required..... just view the tours on your PC or iPad 📱 https://vuseum.com Cheers, Andrew (Downunder)
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