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  1. Hi, I'm unable to log into Aurasim app. Have tried requesting a password reset, but that's not working either. The support WhatsApp link is also broken as it returns an incorrect number from the URL. Ray
  2. Many thanks for all the helpful tips. R
  3. Hi Getting a new PC with Samsung EVO 970 M.2 1 TB installed. I have three other 500Gb Samsung SSD drives. One of those three SSD drives will be for the Win 10 Pro 64 bit system Any recommendations on where's the best place for P3DV4 and Add-ons? Thanks Ray
  4. Just got the QW787 and oh how I miss FS2Crew!!!!!
  5. Hi The OPS Manual says:: NOTE: DUE TO TECHNICAL LIMITS IN THE PMDG 747, FOR COMM 2, YOU CAN ONLY SET STANDBY COMM 2. YOU MUST THEN USE THE SWAP COMMAND TO MAKE THE FREQUENCE ACTIVE. As an alternative procedure that allows you to set both COM2 and COM2 Standby using the normal commands the following can be done: On the Captain's side: 1. Select COM 2 Receive - not MIC (COM 1 MIC and Receive can be left as is). This then allows the normal commands to work on both COM 2 and COM2 Standby. 2. Deselect COM 2 Receive on completing changes to the frequencies. Hope this of some help. Ray
  6. Applied the change in the 737NGXOptions.ini file and all seems OK.
  7. Problems still exist. I did - 1. Complete uninstall then install of SP1D of PMDG 747 NGX base and expansion pack. 2. In FS2CREW enable voice control (got the error message about needing SP1C mentioned above) 3. Loaded FSX and PMDG 737 (a) All loaded correctly - PMDG Cold & Dark 4. Selected FS2CREW from the FD after PMDG fully initialised received error - SDK ERROR After the error I tested this in flight and, as expected, FS2CREW does not function correctly. I did the uninstall and install twice. Once using PMDG remove function and once using the Control Panel remove program function. The results are the same. Regards Ray Sys: Windows 7 Pro 64 Bit
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