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  1. Ok Kevin, I'll try this tomorrow to see. I was thinking: I desactivate crash of any kind to avoid a sim stop for a misconfirgured vector, maybe it is related? I click "random load" on PFPX and then directly enter the ZFW from it to the 748, maybe the CG is wrong? Thanks for your help, Bumblemus
  2. Hi everyone, I have strictly no issue with the 747-8i so far. I have however a strange behaviour on landing. Let me tell you: - My first flight was BOS-FRA, arriving at FRA, everything's fine, touchdown (I was landing like a -400): my reversers won't work... how my, I was boucing along the runway (thank you RAAS). The second time I touched down, it was ok. - Second flight: FRA-Bengaluru. On landing, exactly the same problem. I had to press brakes to the max resulting to an emergency evac at the end of the runway (due to a very long landing). - Third and fourth flights: landing respectively FRA and PEK: same problem, I flared too soon, or I miscalculate the landing weight... the plane seemed to want to take off again, as soon as I touch the ground. - Finally, landing SFO from PEK: I bounce all along the runway... My plane was heavy but normally ok.... The last landing makes me think I am doing something wrong or there's a problem somewhere... In SFO, idle throttle, the plane bounced maybe 3 or 4 times... I was flaring like a plane (maybe I am wrong). Does someone have the same issue? I desactivate accu-feel, maybe it is the turbulence scale of Active Sky? It seems like, whatever the rate I touch the ground, the plane don't want to stay on it... Thanks Bumblemus
  3. Hi everyone, I was following this post recently because I am a victim of a Ntdll.dll crash too.I was trying to do a EGLL-KSFO flight with the QW787: My sim stops everytime when arriving above the north of the hudson bay. I tried to reset and even shut off Couatl but the same happens. I decided to use Procmon to localise the source of the crash: it happens exactly when the sim loads facilities.dll above the Hudson Bay (when the file si being loaded somewhere else it si fine). Does someone know what this dll do? Actually for me it is not caused by GSX. thanks, Bumblemus
  4. Hello, I am encountering the same problem (see my recent post). What was your solution? thank you very much, Bumblemus
  5. Unfortunately I haven't that much, I have 30Mo... I am monitoring the network usage of the download: 0,2Mo... [Edit: it just stopped...] I tried a download on another application it works relatively fine. Bumblemus
  6. Hi everyone, I want to reinstall Chaseplane following a complete reinstallation of P3Dv4. So, I installed VFX central, and then I choose "Direct Install" for Chaseplane. The installation of Visual C++ begins, and then the download of chaseplane assets... It is long, very long, and then the following error pops up (I am sorry it is in french): Installation Error: System.Net.WebException: Le délai d'attente de l'opération a expiré. at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName) at System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(String address, String fileName) at A.c.A(Boolean ) at VFXCentral.MainWindow.A(Object , DoWorkEventArgs ) at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.OnDoWork(DoWorkEventArgs e) at System.ComponentModel.BackgroundWorker.WorkerThreadStart(Object argument) And after the "installation failed" message. It seems to be a download timeout. According to Michaël from the support it comes from my hardware, but, after research it is possible that the fsfx servers are crowded. I have already tried to desactivate my firewall, my anti-virus, switch wi-fi to ethernet, but the same happens. Does anyone here had this before? Thank you very much, Bumblemus
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