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  1. Hello Blaunarwal, Unfortunately I have a problem with slew. If I push Y, my aircraft moves wildly like 400kts to some direction at ground surface. It also goes round and round like a spinning top. I have no glue why this is happening. If I execute a certain driver (for my thrust levers), I cannot disengage parking brakes by key command. Only pushing toe brakes disengages parking brake. Also if I execute one driver for my brake pressure panel, my landing gears move up position and the aircraft crashes to the ground. I must re-check for the touchdown sound.
  2. Hello, When I start my flight and select gate, my aircraft (Project Airbus A320) is few meters too far from supposed position. This causes that I cannot activate sode jetway. Almost all payware airports and gate positions have this problem. I cannot imagine that all those have false afcad. What parameter is wrong here? Is it located in aircraft.cfg? Also I cannot hear touchdown sound. Is my contact point settings wrong. A floating problem?
  3. Just started flight LIRF - LEBL. Well, voxatc started as supposed and loaded ai around me. Then after 20 sec fatal error. Well, I quit voxatc and tried again - no problem? I can help here for testing as I can. I'm asked to contact "Oceanic Center" in Scandinavia and Mediterraen? 🙂 I have enroute traffic instructions ticked.
  4. I use Level D navdata downloaded from Navigraph.
  5. I,m having a monologue, but right now I have a good flight from Hamburg to Rome. No problems so far. I noticed that if I use flightplan made by simbrief and copy plan without sid and star voxatc accepts plan without fatal error?
  6. Maybe this was discussed before, but why do I have a white line in the horizon? (Should be more like a blue) This is always there, but it is annoying specially in cavok conditions. If you view direct to sun it is not that bad. I use Active Sky and truesky with godrays. Is there an option for this. I like truesky and like to keep using it.
  7. You seem to be right mr. Jabloomf. Voxatc worked ok with my first test flight. But with other tests I get voxatc Fatal crash or then it gets stuck after when I get contact with ground. I use only IFR. Only working airport so far I have is EFHK that was migrated by the tool to p3dv5? Must be problems with HF2. Maybe I test next with stock airports.
  8. OK, I got traffic at least in Helsinki. Just had an almost perfect flight from Helsinki (Aerosoft) to Stockholm (Orbx), but just 20 sec before touchdown dxgi hang crash, pity. I got no delay with communication between me and voxatc. I got ai like it used to be:-). I had 2xSSAA for my GTX1080 and 2048x2048. I have to try 4xMSAA and Dynamic texture streaming OFF. I have HF2. That can be the problem also.
  9. Hello, I can use voxatc in p3dv5 but when I start voxatc with pre-made flightplan (p3d) I cannot see any traffic. I use AIG for this. Any idea? indexer seems to notice/sort AIG. If I start voxatc just by starting it without fpl I see traffic. No limiter is involved. Traffic is 50% set.
  10. Ok. Deleted Flytampasceneries and indexer completed. Sunday testing.
  11. Well, tried to find conflicts and issues with add-on organizer but everything was green and ok? Maybe I should make a fresh p3dv5 install without any addon or just uninstall them and try again.
  12. Voxatc indexer hangs in p3d v5\weather\themes ?
  13. How is this migration tool actually working? Do I need to have both V4 and V5 installed? How to execute voxatc install exe with migration tool? Does it recoqnize my exe and install by itself to the correct folders? This sounds promising. If it has problems with sloped runways why not disable this if possible? I have not seen sloped runways at all in Europe where I only fly. I noticed this tool disappeared from Simmarket right after it came up here, I wonder why?
  14. Hello, I'm having a problem with push to talk command and very long delay after pushing it. Everything else seems to work normally. When I push my joystick button which is programmed to push to talk, I have to wait 8 -15 seconds and then I hear the connection sound and I can talk. It works then ok. What could cause the delay?
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