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  1. marc2990

    List of fsx airports by country

    Yes, thank you. but not all columns are clear to me. B=direction, C and D= Coordinates, E= atltude, but for F G H and I can not figure out what they exactly are. Example: LFQH has a runway length of 954 meter by 100 meter; where do I find that in the making runways table? Cheers
  2. Is there an easy way, I can find a list of the fsx airports by country (with RWY information). Preferably in a CSV format, so that I can work with the data in an excell sheet)? Thanks
  3. I noticed that when I stop FSX SE, I cannot restart it without shutting off mij PC. I also saw that in spite of shutting the sim off, the Logitech panel plug in for the Saitek panels is not ending and keeps showing the panels working, although I cannot change values anymore. In the task manager I can also see the LogFlightSimX.exe still working in the processes. I read somewhere that this could be blocking FSX SE to restart. Anyone knows about this? Is there a way of stopping the Saitek panels plug in without killing it in the task manager? Thanks for yr help
  4. Thank you for your information Alex. If I read it well, you will use the CSV file type that we know from other programs. Will you also use similar icons in you map to indicate the kind of user point and make them correspond with the first number in the csv file? Any idea when version 2 will become available? Cheers.
  5. marc2990

    No ships on Steam

    I had the ships installed for years and really enjoyed them; I recently had to switch to Steam (installed on F\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX). Today I again installed the 2 packages, but I do not see any ships. I tried the AIFP conversion tool, did the bulktraffic conversion, saved 2 updated bgl's in scenery/world/scenery, but still no ships. I have run the FS9 file search + procedure, but again nothing. I have my traffic sliders now already 2 times at 40%, but still nothing. Any idea what can be wrong??? Thnx for your help. Marcel
  6. OK, thank you. Then I'll have to be patient for a while... Cheers Marcel
  7. Does anyone know about an existing visual matching rule for the Orbx FTX AI aircrafts? I could try via VMR generator, but I know already that would mean manual corrections in every single aircraft.cfg file. Cheers
  8. I am mainly flying VFR online. Until now I used Plan G and VFR Flight. I heard a lot of good things about this program, so I installed it. One of the first things I noticed is that I do not see any function to add permanent user waypoints, that are essential in VFR flying. I am mainly talking about the VRP's that are part of most of the visual approach charts of airports. In the other programs you can either define them yourself or import them via existing CSV files, available from the internet. In VFR Flight, you can even convert them to real points that become part of your database. They have their own symbols that are easily recognisable on your map. Is there anything similar in Little Nav Map, or is something like that planned? Regards Marcel
  9. marc2990

    Good prop for water landings

    I tried to install the beaver the way VG baron advised, but it does not work. Maybe I am too stupid. This is what I did. I created a directory "temp for install"; I copied my FSX.exe file into it. I ran the Beaver install program; I get first this message: and later: I clicked OK, and the installer continues. It ends with the message that the beaver X is installed. But when I go and look at my "temp for install" folder I do not see any files. What did I do wrong. Thanks for your help.
  10. I must tell you that I don't remember. Never came into my mind that this could be the reason. I'll watch it. Thanks Marcel
  11. Hello I enjoy the AI ships traffic everyday. But I often see that 2 times the same ships follow each other on the PC screen. Today in the neighbourhood of PAKT I even saw 5 times the same KOSAN ship, within just a distance of maybe 1/4 mile and all following their same route. What could cause this? Do I maybe have double entrees in my scenery/world/scenery directory? Is there an easy way I can check double or triple entrees there? Do the routes of your ships have all have a similar name "build-up" and if so, which one? Thanks. Marcel