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  1. Just to say that the issue has now been resolved with the assistance of Mark via email. Really great support 👍
  2. Hi Mark, Thanks for the prompt response. I did use the same email as the one used in Simmarket when I purchased the initial one. I haven’t seen anything in my spam folder. The only response I got was the generic response saying I should use the license request form. Regards Darren
  3. I’ve had to reinstall windows on my PC which meant a fresh install of P3D and all addons. Now my aviaworx CDU won’t work as it’s unlicensed and in demo mode only. I’ve tried to reactivate but get the message license has already been used. When I try to request a licence it charges a fee. I’ve emailed support but had no response. Do I need to pay again for another license?
  4. Did you ever find a solution to this? I did a flight yesterday EGCC LEBL landing around 1815z and the airport taxiways and ramp were completely dark. Same issue I've had since I bought P3D.
  5. I'm having a similar issues as in the post below which I've not been able to resolve either. Tried tweaking settings and cfg file but not had any luck.
  6. Update. I've deleted the shaders folder and rebuilt without success. I've tried the steps above and there is no entry in the airport file for the values given. I have found an entry in another scenery however dawn and dusk are listed as being on. These three images show the difference between day, dusk and night. As you can see the lights don't switch on until night when it's fully dark. https://imgur.com/a/qiBaCYg
  7. @willy647 thanks for the tip. I'll check it out when I get home. That might be the solution if it's only set to come in at night which seems to be what's happening. Will update I've I've had a look. Thanks again
  8. Hi @Avionixz Thanka for the suggestion. I can confirm that DL is enabled and my add on scenery has it. I also have issues at stock airports where the ramp/taxi/runway is really dark during the dawn/dusk period and only slightly lighter when it gets night. It seems that there is something which changes once the sim moves into night mode. I’ve done some more research and it seems to be a P3D thing with rendering at these times however it’s impossible to fly at those times. Im confident there has to be a setting I’m missing or something I need to do. I’m going to try delete the shaders folder later and see if that helps.
  9. After playing around some more, I find that whenever the clock says it's dawn or dusk, the airport lights aren't reflecting on the ramp. The actual lights appear to be on however, the ramp is completely dark. Runway lights and taxi lights appear to be on although quite dark from where I can see. The LEBL issue was rectified with a reinstall but the lights remain off during dawn/dusk time windows.
  10. Hi Neil I’ve had a play around with the cfg file using the day and night settings. No matter what value I put in, the lights come on at 17:49:39 and go off at 06:59:45. This is using UK2000 EGCC. This means there’s about an hour of darkness between the lights and sunrise/sunset. When I go to my Just Sim LEBL the ramp lights don’t switch on and remain off all night. Similar to the stock airports. Rgds
  11. I may have figured out the approach lights. They only appear when the aircraft is close by. As for the airports with no lights turning off HDR doesn’t make a difference. You can’t see anything outside. *UPDATE* when scrolling through the time preview, once the sun sets it goes dark until the airport lights turn on and the same at sunrise when the airport lights turn off too soon. I’ve seen a fix for earlier versions of P3D but it doesn’t work in 5.1.
  12. Hi Neil Thanks for the prompt reply and for those suggestions. I’ve had a play about with those settings but it doesn’t make a difference. When I’m at the gate, the ramp is completely dark and I still don’t have any approach lights during the night. It’s just frustrating as I’m sure there has to be something I’m missing.
  13. I recently purchased P3D v5 after a spell away from simming using MS sims in the past and have consistent issues with lighting at airports. Default airports are very dark with no approach lights and similar issues with add on sceneries such as JustSim LEBL. Initially had an issue with UK2000 but with the exception of the runway lights/approach lights that seems to have resolved. I have to be missing something in my settings or installation. I’ve searched the forums but can’t seem to find a definitive way to resolve this. Can anyone shed any light (excuse the pun). I don’t want to spend anymore money on P3D addons if I can’t get it to work. Thanks in advance Darren
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