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  1. The problem has disappeared after having deinstalled the Mustang and then reinstalling the very latest download version (I had read that a newer/updated version was released in the last couple of days). I had no need to try the renaming of Hypergauge.dll as it worked straight away! Until now, I had the original release of the P3D Mustang installed and only updated it today. It seems that the fixes that Flight1 made to cure some other issues has also solved this incompatibility problem!! Thanks for the support! Kind regards Simon
  2. Problem has been solved after contacting Mindstar Support via email. It appears to have been a 'partially deleted' license key that was causing the issue.
  3. I've run into an issue whilst trying to reinstall the Mindstar G1000 package on a computer where I had completely deinstalled it having deleted the license using the 'delete license' radio button in the process. Now I receive an error message when going through the registration steps: "The server issued activation codes, but they did not work on your computer. Either try again or contact technical support" I tried repeatng the registration steps a few times but always got this message as the only result... I didn't have this problem the first time I installed - before deleting the license. Have I missed something along the way? Regards Simon
  4. F1 support told me straight out in their forum that they will NOT be looking into this issue! It could be a long wait... Simon
  5. After disabling the hypergauge.dll entry in the DLL.XML file as suggested the Mustang loads without any problems. However, I suspect that the G1000 probably won't work properly after this...
  6. Hi Ed, No, the freeze only happens when loading the Mustang. All other aircraft have no problems which is why I'm certain that the issue has to do with the P3D version of the Mustang. Unfortunately, Flight1 support don't agree and place the blame squarely on Mindstars' shoulders!! If I've understood the situation correctly they are not even looking into the issue! I didn't post here to try to get you to solve the problem as I don't believe that it's your fault! Just more of a 'warning' to G1000 users who are considering acquiring the P3D version of the Mustang that they might be disappointed! regards Simon
  7. I have been having a problem with the Flight1 P3D Mustang causing P3Dv3.1 to freeze solid on loading the aircraft and the only way out is to kill P3D using the Windows task manager. The problem only occurs when the Mindstar G1000 is installed on the system! Completely deinstalling the G1000 permanently was the only solution I could find which enabled me to use the Mustang! It made no difference in which order I installed the two packages - the result was always a complete freezing of P3D so long both packages were installed at the same time. Seeing that the P3D Mustang has only recently been released (the problem is not present in FSX) I asked in the Mustang Forum whether the issue could be looked at but was told that the problem 'belongs' to Mindstar and Flight1 will NOT be looking into it. So it would seem that anybody who is considering the P3D Version of the Mustang will have to make a choice between the Mustang and the G1000 - unless somebody fixes the issue - because having both installed is apparently not possible! Has anyone managed to get both the Mustang and the G1000 running in P3Dv3? With this I don't mean using the G1000 with the Mustang - just having both installed at the same time and being able to fly the Mustang. Regards Simon
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