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  1. Dave mate , should i uninstall older version first or just simply install over the top like you suggested ? Thanks again Regards Pete !
  2. Okay and hello Dave mate ! I have spoken to you via email and have kept that for reference , and thanks for this bit of info . Regards Peter . H
  3. Hello quincysw ! Brian mate i have the the exact same problem , it gets to 10% then stops with that same error ? Also the page opens after that when i click ok on the error but all i get is 2 empty black frames but with all the menu surrounding it as it should ? How did you fix it ? Did you just download the latest Navigraph Airac Cycle , and where from and how did you do it once downloaded etc.I do have a Navigraph Subscription . Mate any help appreciated and hope you are still there ! Regards Peter .
  4. Hello Karl and hope you can help ! I like your ATC from AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC which i purchased from the website when it was released . I did not need RC V4 as i already had it for quite a while using it on my FSX .Everything went okay after contacting support@afs2rcatc.com for some install and reg help.A week ago i updated AEROFLY FS2 to the latest version and upon going into the program to check noticed in yellow in the top left of screen it said this copy of AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC was unregistered and to use the CONFIG TOOL to request a LICENSE ? This happened all of a sudden from my previously registered copy ? So i put back in my previous perm license key , but it did not work .I did what the instructions said and asked by EMAIL with the product identifier for a new one a few times with no result ? I also noticed that my product ID was different to my original one ? Support has not been of help and they keep saying to contact the supplier ? Should i uninstall reinstall the program ? as the program still shows as being there on my computer below my AEROFLY FS2 .Hope you can fix this please mate Regards Peter . H
  5. Okay Thanks mate , i haven't contacted him yet and i saw that nickname too . There is a support contact email but all they can say now is contact the supplier ? which is them AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC but now i think they are passing the buck and trying to put all on RADAR CONTACT which no longer exists , and they say they don't support 3RD party addons etc when it is their product ? Regards Peter.H
  6. Thanks Richard but all i am getting from support/afs2rcatc at the moment is the run around .They tell me to contact the supplier , who is that when as far as i know it is aerofly fs2 atc and that is who i got it from ? Thanks mate .
  7. Hello fellow simmers , has anyone come across the problem of AEROFLY FS2 RC ATC all of a sudden becoming unregistered after the latest update and then after checking this on the AEROFLY FS2 homepage it says that and to use the config tool to request a LICENSE KEY and not get one ? Also i noted that when i put in my original permanent key it did not work , and i noticed too that the product identifier had changed from the original one ? Hope someone knows of this problem !
  8. Ed mate ! What step's exactly do you take and what planner do you use ? Is it an easy one to use with Radar Contact/Afs 2 Atc ? and is it Global ATC or just USA only ? Thanks !
  9. Ray does P3D V4.5 need FSUIPC installed first before RC4 works ? Thanks !
  10. Hello mate i have the same prob using the saitek switch panel , the Cowl flap switch works in reverse have you been able to fix this ? Using FSX Windows 10/64 PRO
  11. Hello JPR how did you fix this as i get the exact same thing in your screenshot , the 10% load then it stops with that same error message ? I did an Airac update do i need to do another one ? Thanks!
  12. Hello everyone i have tried to contact them too with no luck , i don't know what they are doing but its bad customer service for what seems like a good product !
  13. Nigel mate i know this is a few years down the track but i have had no response from them either , despite trying twice ! I told them good product but bad customer service . As far as i can tell its a good product !
  14. Steve ! not yet mate but will get back to you over the next few days, i have my computer mate coming over on wednesday so will show him your info. Regards Peter.H !
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