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  1. Hello Nico, I am now just wondering if it would be possible to replace the MSFS EKCH.xml in the PSXT stock airport folder ( which misplace the parked/parking ac´s) with the correct one from P3D? After each update of PSXT I as you know need to do the overwriting process? Or in some other way get it right from scratch. Åke
  2. OK Nico, just sent you two emails with further details trying to explain further. Logfiles are included. Åke
  3. 1. Well, right now I have 2. Why did the fresh installation of 3.9.3 without overwriting EKCH.xml as discussed earlier due to parking positions create a numbered of parked ac´s but with restart after having overwritten the xml accordingly all parked ac´s disappeared? Only live (moving) aircraft are available 3. Sent you my two TBLO airports by mail Åke
  4. Hi Nico, been away for a while but today I purchased a new RT licence and updated PSXTraffic to latest version 3.9.3 As usual after an update I copied my EKCH.xml backup with the correct parking positions and placed it in the stock aiport folder with overwriting. All missplaced parked ac´s disappeared and the PSXTraffic interface showed in yellow colour " 2 airports in the TBLO folder" Why does all parked aircrafts disappear when I reload PSXTraffic after having overwritten the EKCH.xml? Do I something wrong? Åke
  5. I just updated to 1.9 > am I supposed to owerwrite the EKCH in the archive/airport/stock EKCH.xml as of above? (from P3d which I have as backup) Åke
  6. Thanks for the explanation. I had the original version of FlyTampa for MSFS with a patch in the Community folder that removed the static aircraft and as you say not needed anymore. I am not sure of that I am experienced any lack of parking through PSXT but I havent checked it closely either, but if you say so OK. Åke
  7. OK, so I did! I am just wondering what is ment above regarding more gates available- do not see any particular difference? Anyhow great thanks both of you! Åke
  8. How do I get hold on the P3D version of EKCH, imagine I have to buy it from FlyTampa or is it included in the MSFS version I bought? Do you talk about the P3D xml file or the whole installation in the stock?
  9. I have now implemented FAQ 37 with the file I have as backup: EKCH.xml from 2023.06.04 but PSXTraffic 1.8.0 says " 901: This-outdated-airport file is from a previous version . do not use it" ? Nothing is by this loaded. What is ment with previous version - I mean- is it EKCH airport, xml or PSXTraffic? Åke
  10. I installed and started without having done any copy/paste of correct EKCH.xml, and discovered parked ac was psoitioned wrong. Then I tryed what I wrote above but it did not help.
  11. Hello, I updated now to version 1.8.0 but it do not improve the parking positions of EKCH, furthermore if I add the "correct" xml from June 4th to the my_thirdparty folder PSXTraffic "removes it from the folder when enabling iPSXTraffic and probably reads somewhere else? Assume your update is according what you wrote earlier but this "new" found file is not the correct one? Åke
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