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  1. Thanks Nico, great job but to complicated for me, I would create a mess in my folders I am afraid. I need to wait for a more simpel solution. Åke
  2. Hello Nico, I am surprised to read that you have matching liveries for MFS2020 when the forums are filled with inputs regarding trying to workaround with IVAO liveries- nothing appears to work as you describe above....what is true and not here? Do you base your liveries on FLAi or on the Megapack for MSF2020 liveries, I assume the latter? I have only the Airbus 320 liveries installed from that package but would be interested to test your setup. Would it impact also online vPilot liveries/model matching? Åke
  3. Thanks for reply. Ive spent a fortune on Real Traffic, but no more, however its traffic didnt behave lika the ones I referred to now. Sorry Åke
  4. Running the cost free option of Real traffic with latest version of PSXT. Checking Frankfurt airport with quite some traffic today the starting and landing aircraft behave strange, back and forth, sideways etc. What is there to do about this? Åke
  5. Akki

    He is not responding as you can see in the forum, thats why, neither message or forum.

  6. I have reinstalled the latest file version of ADS-B Live but it do not connect to PSXT- nothing happens- what can I do? Installation is OK apart from this Åke
  7. Installed ADS-B correctly now- no 4.8 error. But PSXT show in red "no data provider" in the left column- what am I doing wrong here? Åke
  8. I have Microsoft Network 4.8 installed but the ADS-B installer claim it isnt as it want to install it claiming it need it? Next message is that it can not install as a newer version is available... want me to continue without installing...and when continuing the installation of ADS-B it occur an App on the desktop that is a dead parrot (nothing happens) Åke
  9. Well, I just wondered if there would be a way of not having Vatsim blended physically at a gate, it looks w´quite peculiar despite of the pricipal issue.
  10. I have today a question regarding the possible blend of online Vatsim tfc in combination with PSXT/Real Traffic: would it be possible that parking Vastim tfc eliminate preparked traffic at gate from parked_updates? OK I know that this blend isnt optimal but I find it nice to fly in that way which gives more life to Vatsim online tfc. Åke
  11. I understand. I can now edit those park positions ep1 and ep2 to the same format as E4 manually. The other remaining positions are from the previous military airfiled nowdays closed. Thanks again Nico for your clarifications, always appreciated. Åke
  12. So I did, and was lucky enough to have an SAS ATR76 to land and park IRL so that PSXT wrote the new file and accordingly I have the new script regarding that park position. Great. However the two other park positions remain as the were programmed from me some while ago, i.e. with three different liveries optional as the old setup, is it because there were not busy? Heres the script: <?xml version="1.0"?> <meta> <info name="author" value="ParkPosGenerator" /> <info name="version" value="17.0" /> <info name="date" value="Mar 28, 2020" /> </meta> <parameters> <parameter name="ICAO" value="ESTA" /> <parameter name="IATA" value="AGH" /> <parameter name="latitude" value="56.291111" /> <parameter name="longitude" value="12.855000" /> <parameter name="altitude" value="60" /> <parameter name="airport_name" value="Angelholm AB" /> <parameter name="supplier" value="FSX " /> <parameter name="parking_percentage" value="75" /> <parameter name="last_update" value="Jul 16, 2020" /> <parameter name="num_parkpos" value="11" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_parkpos" value="1" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_options" value="1" /> <parameter name="num_defined_hours" value="50" /> </parameters> <parkpositions> <parkpos id="E4" latitude="56.286684" longitude="12.868421" heading="321.6" radius="30.0" cargo="false" ramp="false"> <aircraft> <option airline="SAS" type="AT76" real="true" hours="17,18" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="ep1" latitude="56.287194" longitude="12.867136" heading="117.1" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true"> <aircraft /> </parkpos> <parkpos id="ep2" latitude="56.286836" longitude="12.867820" heading="89.7" radius="20.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <aircraft> <option airlines="BRX,SCW" types="AT72,AT76,E190,RJ1H" real="true" /> </aircraft> <parkpos id="ep4" latitude="56.286518" longitude="12.869271" heading="126.9" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r1" latitude="56.288872" longitude="12.855471" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r2" latitude="56.290211" longitude="12.851560" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r3" latitude="56.289906" longitude="12.852401" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r5" latitude="56.290527" longitude="12.850825" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp1" latitude="56.290298" longitude="12.866077" heading="137.8" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp2" latitude="56.290028" longitude="12.865510" heading="139.7" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp3" latitude="56.289722" longitude="12.864976" heading="137.4" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> </parkpositions> Two steps forward! Thanks Nico🙂 Åke
  13. OK, I will wait and see how it works with soft updates and I take it from there. Åke
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