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  1. Well, I just wondered if there would be a way of not having Vatsim blended physically at a gate, it looks w´quite peculiar despite of the pricipal issue.
  2. I have today a question regarding the possible blend of online Vatsim tfc in combination with PSXT/Real Traffic: would it be possible that parking Vastim tfc eliminate preparked traffic at gate from parked_updates? OK I know that this blend isnt optimal but I find it nice to fly in that way which gives more life to Vatsim online tfc. Åke
  3. I understand. I can now edit those park positions ep1 and ep2 to the same format as E4 manually. The other remaining positions are from the previous military airfiled nowdays closed. Thanks again Nico for your clarifications, always appreciated. Åke
  4. So I did, and was lucky enough to have an SAS ATR76 to land and park IRL so that PSXT wrote the new file and accordingly I have the new script regarding that park position. Great. However the two other park positions remain as the were programmed from me some while ago, i.e. with three different liveries optional as the old setup, is it because there were not busy? Heres the script: <?xml version="1.0"?> <meta> <info name="author" value="ParkPosGenerator" /> <info name="version" value="17.0" /> <info name="date" value="Mar 28, 2020" /> </meta> <parameters> <parameter name="ICAO" value="ESTA" /> <parameter name="IATA" value="AGH" /> <parameter name="latitude" value="56.291111" /> <parameter name="longitude" value="12.855000" /> <parameter name="altitude" value="60" /> <parameter name="airport_name" value="Angelholm AB" /> <parameter name="supplier" value="FSX " /> <parameter name="parking_percentage" value="75" /> <parameter name="last_update" value="Jul 16, 2020" /> <parameter name="num_parkpos" value="11" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_parkpos" value="1" /> <parameter name="num_real_live_options" value="1" /> <parameter name="num_defined_hours" value="50" /> </parameters> <parkpositions> <parkpos id="E4" latitude="56.286684" longitude="12.868421" heading="321.6" radius="30.0" cargo="false" ramp="false"> <aircraft> <option airline="SAS" type="AT76" real="true" hours="17,18" /> </aircraft> </parkpos> <parkpos id="ep1" latitude="56.287194" longitude="12.867136" heading="117.1" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true"> <aircraft /> </parkpos> <parkpos id="ep2" latitude="56.286836" longitude="12.867820" heading="89.7" radius="20.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <aircraft> <option airlines="BRX,SCW" types="AT72,AT76,E190,RJ1H" real="true" /> </aircraft> <parkpos id="ep4" latitude="56.286518" longitude="12.869271" heading="126.9" radius="7.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r1" latitude="56.288872" longitude="12.855471" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r2" latitude="56.290211" longitude="12.851560" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r3" latitude="56.289906" longitude="12.852401" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="r5" latitude="56.290527" longitude="12.850825" heading="0.0" radius="26.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp1" latitude="56.290298" longitude="12.866077" heading="137.8" radius="10.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp2" latitude="56.290028" longitude="12.865510" heading="139.7" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> <parkpos id="wp3" latitude="56.289722" longitude="12.864976" heading="137.4" radius="14.0" cargo="false" ramp="true" /> </parkpositions> Two steps forward! Thanks Nico🙂 Åke
  5. OK, I will wait and see how it works with soft updates and I take it from there. Åke
  6. Slowly starting to understand and I asume you will create a new PPG soon that generate the Airportupdate xml:s directly to the new format? Because now I only see this format in the xml in Parked_updates. Unfortunately they skip the transponder already at minor airport on the runway so I almost never get them "updated". Having a few aircraft parked correctly I will need to manually create files like those updated by PPG, but I think I manage. Åke
  7. OK, well I found it out also by comparing an airportupdates file with parked_updates for the same airport. So "0" means all hours will fit or "" is what to have? Will check the 18.0 release. I made some changes already but no parked aircraft show up. Need to dive deeper. Åke PS OK, need to take everything from scratch, severe changes. DS
  8. What has changed because this is new to me, i.e. never edit this before, and what is ment with hours attribute? Åke
  9. OK, thats what it does, it overwrite my manually adjusted xml-file ( to get the right airline to the right position at a domestic airport, something PPG never would manage), this is something new. I do not know how to handle it. I know how it used to work very well, but the behaviour now I am not used to. I place my modified xml file in both parked_updates and Airportupdates. When I check after loading PSXT the xml is overwritten...and therefore not appropriate. Åke
  10. Just installed the latest version 18.2: 18.1 was wotking fine but now as I installed 18.2 I wanted to put back my Airportupdates files and parked_updates from my backup as they are overwritten I experience that the backed up files in the two folders are overwritten with another (wrong) files as I startup PSXT...this is new to me. Why? Best regards Åke
  11. Hi Nico, 18.1 seems to work nicely. I can however experience that the parked aircraft disappear after a while despite of having a correct parked_updates Åke
  12. OK, but I thought I red that it also had this bug? Åke
  13. I have equal issues since installing 18.0 - taxing and suddenly the plane is in the air with nose down... crash as a consequence. Åke Downloaded 18.0 again (file created 2020-07-03 15:58) and re-installed, problem remain after few minutes. Online Vatsim, quite embarrasing. Never had 17.6 but 17.5- no problem worked nice. What to do Nico - can we go back to 17.5? Åke
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