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  1. OK, I will, but thanks anyway!
  2. OK, I did, but no improvement, the windows open up for a second just to close down in minimized version just after, and I am not able to open it again...
  3. Thanks Kiek, but that is exactly what is not working...I just have a small stripe open after engaging the less then signs. Nothing I do engage the extending procedure. Sorry.
  4. I have installed the latest version of Real Traffic ( 6.0.33) but I am unable to see the Traffic display, it is not possible to extend it, it is just a thin frame…. What is the command to open" it? Åke
  5. OK, now I have studied your PSXT Manual chapter 2.3.2 and better understand the AI options- I have only utilized the FLAI option and have not installed the AILGenerator. For the same reasons I do not have the files on the locations you describe. All needed AI liveries needed for a pretty good appearance in Real Traffic is in the FLAi folders under SimObjects/Airplanes, however with the missing textures for Jettime etc. My idea was to add the Jettime textures to the correct FLAi folder for Boeing 737-700/800; have however not been able to test as the texture files I found is in a PTP-format which I am not able to convert yet. Jettime is already available in the xml-file. If I install AILGenerator, how do you suggest I proceed? Thanks for having patience with me. Åke
  6. I will try to be more precise: 1) The airlines.xml is located in my installation to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\data 2) If we take the airline "JetTime" as an example ( small Danish charter airline) they are present as ICAO in the list and an aircraft show up (B737) but with not the correct textures in Real Traffic. Where is the connection between airlines ICAO and AI aircraft textures done? If I find the right textures/aircraft and place it in the AI aircraft list where can I edit this? OK, Ithink I got it now, found the different AI aircrafts with subfolders for textures for each airline. So I simply add a folder with corresponding airline/aircraft? Do I need to edit any other xml-file as well except for the ICAO code which in this case is present?
  7. @2) it is more a question about correct livery in the ai model (textures) I presume?
  8. Because when turning PSXseeconTraffic and Real Traffic off problem disappear, and if I run only FSX + Vatsim the problem do not occur. It is a new phenomena since I started to use PSXseecon and Real Traffic. I am however interested to find an explanation and if possible a solution (fix?) as I appreciate your program very much and enjoy the life traffic. By the way- can I edit/add some airlines to the airplane list/models, I have two liveries that do not occur correctly ( JetTime - a Danish charter and BRA ( a Swedish domestic airline)?
  9. I experience sudden scenery interfere running the Real Traffic with FSX- suddenly the scenery turns grey or light dark grey partially, which cause problems on approach as the pilot view is impacted. Is there any solution to this issue? I can provide screen shoot´s if needed Åke
  10. Akki

    Wing span settings

    Great, thanks! Åke
  11. It appears to be so that my CRJ900 uses default wingspan i.e. max which means that aircrafts parked next to me disappear as if they crashed? Can I set a correct wingspan somewhere? Best regards Åke
  12. Thanks Nico for your clear answer, now I understand much better. I see that a crowded airport like Copenhagen the planes start the transponder on the gate and keep them on to the gate when arriving I guess for security reasons. At small the cut them off and turn them on exit/arriving to the taxiway. Åke
  13. Dear Nico, its me again, Now have some experience from the setup and I am impressed, larger (Aerosofts) airports works nicely since they are copied into parked_updates folder... It´s a bit confusing with three different folders, updates/default/ and my own created from PPG, OK understand what PPG do but the others? - if a aircraft land at a "small" airport and only two airline operate there I have modified the PPG generated xml file so only these two airlines are an option at three parking positions, however on aircraft occupies one spot ( the designated to that airline/aircraft) but when this aircraft depart according to time table IRL/ the plane remain….? The minor airline (BLX/ ATR76/72) arrives but either disappear or park on taxiway, do not park on its designated spot/parking place despite of modified xml...do I have to modify the bgl for the AFX as well? Ive tried to clarify my questions but I am not sure if it is clear enough, I am surprised that the Real Traffic can disappear just like AI aircrafts if there is no parking spot available for instance- this occur in particular at small airports as pilots turn of the transponder after landing/leaving runway? Would the plane not continue despite of this to a a dedicated gate? Åke
  14. Thank you, will test. But I made my own test similar to EKCH, took the file from Airport updates and put it in parked_updates, all looks muck better!! A detailed, as swede I know for instance that gate 21-44 at ESSA is used only for SAS flight with B737,738, CRJ900 and ATR, can I modify that in the xml….? You have given me extremely good support, my best thanks to you! Åke