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  1. I used to use it when I last used FSX about 3 years ago. Unfortunately I had a major computer crash, gave up on flightsimming for a while and have had to start reinstalling my flight sim gear and programs. I opted for FSX Steam Version. Does it matter what one you can use with FSUIPC? Just rechecked my Skylane and its doing the same so I believe you are correct in that its a calibration error. It must have happened after I set up each lever of the TM for the respective engines. Update Fixed. Settings Sensitivities was too far to the left. Went full right and range of movement is back. Thanks for the steer in the right direction Peter
  2. I dont know if this is normal or not but here goes. I notice that I can move the power levers anywhere when I use my mouse but with my twin throttles on the TM Warthog once I move out of Ground Idle The lever flick forward well into Flight Idle. From then they only move in a range from that point to full forward and back. I cannot get to ground idle unless I move the levers with my mouse. I have tested the throttle control under settings and it appears OK. I also made sure nothing else such as pedals, mouse or joystick has any influence over no1 and 2 Throttle axis. Any other twin throttle owners care to share their experience. I have the same issue with the Alabeo C441 as well. Cheers Peter
  3. Thanks. I have now bought and installed the G430-530 package. I have followed the instructions for installation to FSX Steam version. This included the two redistributable files. I installed the trainer when prompted. I ran the Configuration tool and obtain the F1 icon against my A2A Cessna 182. Running configure GNS I position the Stack and two GPS units but Panel Preview was just a blank scree. Running FSX Steam and loading the C182 does not show my purchased GPS units and Stack, just the standard semi functional A2A GPS.Not sure where to go from here. Any help appreciated. Looking forward to using thjem when i can Peter Update. I located the shortcut for the GNS Stack under Instrument Views. This enables me to have one or other of the units visible where I selected in the Config program. Not embeded in the main instrument panel however. I do recall whether I was able to do so in my previous version or not. Its been a few years :-)
  4. I have a licenced RXP 530 WAAS which I used a lot before my computer self destructed. After getting set up again I decided to get back into flight simming and opted for FSX Steam version. I was pleased that my A2A Cessna 182 installed OK. I understand that some of my favorites such as the PMDG MD-11 wont work. Anyway I tried running the GPS installation but it reinstalls the update and the trainer but wont progress any further and I end up having to "End Task" in Task Manager. Can anyone explain what I need to do to enable the RXP GPS to install in my C182?. FSX is in installed in E:Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common I tried running the A2A Configurator but was probably a bit premature as the standard GPS was all that was there when I restarted FSX. I would really appreciate a hand here. Cheers Peter
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