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  1. Oh ok. :( Thank you Andrew..
  2. Hi Is there any L:Var or offset to read the QNH/Baro indicated on the EFIS displays of the FSLabs A320? Not the QHN from actual weather but the value in the display when I rotate the knob. Thanks Framac
  3. Glad to hear that. Thankfully, you solved it quickly. Good job.
  4. THIS is the problem of constant online validations. I understand that you have to protect the program, but that implies that every time there is a problem on your side, users are harmed. The validation system each time the program is used does not prevent illegal programs but causes inconvenience to users who have legal programs. Maybe it's time to rethink the protection system for something more effective. It can even have periodic but not constant validations, because in case of net faults on one side we are unable to use it.
  5. Last visit from MattDavies was Monday at 08:48 PM, I asked some questions in other post a few days ago and have no answers. As I know this is the official forum and the only place for support and commercial questions, So, I'm out and do not intend to buy.
  6. Hi, Since I think this is the official forum of the PTA and I already put this question more than 24 hours ago, I would appreciate an answer. If not, I would be grateful if you would let me know where I can put my questions and have an answer in a useful time. Another question I would like to know is if the PTA needs an internet connection every time it runs, and if I do not have internet at this moment or PTA servers are down, I can not use it. Regards. Fmpm
  7. Hi Matt, I'd like to buy the PTA but first I need to know: When you said. "Buying PTA will give you 1 license to be activated on a single computer." That's ok to me, but can I transfer the licence to a new machine or if I change my computer I have to buy another PTA? It would be a good idea to have an option to "unregister" the product from the computer, transfer the licence to your server and then the user can activate again in a new computer. As I work with computers I change my hardware from time to time and with some developers sometimes this is a problem. Thanks Fmpm
  8. With luck, Adam, thopat and others will charge for the presets too. This program is using some work from other developers and they deliver for free. No one works for free, right? At least I hope the PTA has some good presets included.
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