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  1. Using P3Dv4. Have not upgraded to 4.5. Downloaded a Robin DR400 as test plane. Chose a True Air Speed.xml gauge and made cab file and placed cab file in panel folder of each aircraft. Added to test plane panel.cfg. New gauge shows perfect. So I repeat steps in F-14 aircraft. Will not show. Any reason it will show in one aircraft but not the other?
  2. I am trying to find a WWII deuce and a half *steerable* truck download. I don't remember if it was for FS2004 or FSX. You could hear the motor revving up and when changing gears. Does anyone remember this download? Was kinda fun to play with. Appreciate any help. Thanks.
  3. I appreciate everyone's help. I feel better about the product now. Hope everyone has a good weekend.
  4. While looking for this product a local Walmart, I discovered some kind of gift card or something for FS Steam. This is not some type of game that you have to contribute all the time, is it?
  5. Is FS Steam a separate stand alone program that installs to itself? Or does it require FSX? Currently, in FSX, I suddenly lost the ability to call up the map. If it does require FSX, will it over right this map problem? Searching to download, I see boxed versions and I see something that only has a *code to download*. And I have seen some that come with FSX Deluxe, Acceleration and FSSteam, if I remember correctly. I have FSX and Acceleration. But I have been hearing of people not being able register FSX any more. So what do I need to purchase? Thanks.
  6. Curious if other people having same issue's in Win 10. FSX crashes when using Instant Scenery. FSX crashes when going from day to dusk or night or dawn. FSX will crash when you install a new mdl. Will FS Steam correct these problems on Win 10? Does FS Steam have aircraft carriers in it like FSX Acceleration? Thanks
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