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  1. Steps taken were as follows:- 1. Find the Aerosoft_PBY-5A_Civ folder and the Flight One BN-2 Islander folders (both probably in /Prepar3D/SimObjects/Airplanes unless you've installed them as add-ons using the xml method). 2. Copy the AS_KLN90B.CAB gauge file from the 5A_Civ/Panel folder to the Islander/Panel folder. 3. In the Islander/Panel folder, make a backup copy of the original panel.cfg file just in case, then open the panel.cfg for editing (Notepad for example). 4. Find the [Window02] section (this is the gps pop-up) and delete or comment out the gauge00 and gauge01 lines which refer to the Flight1 kln90 gauge. Change the section to the following:- [Window02] // copied from Aerosoft PBY Catalina 5A Civ panel.cfg Background_color=0,0,0 size_mm=500,160 windowsize_ratio=1.0 position=8 visible=0 ident=30 // ident=13456 was the Catalina value gauge00=AS_KLN90B!KLN90B, 0,0,500,160 5. Find the [Vcockpit01] section just below and change the gauge00 definition as follows:- gauge00=AS_KLN90B!KLN90B, 500,1,370, 115 // 2,3,508,162 were the Catalina sizing parameters // gauge00=Flight1_BN2_kln90a!GPS, 500,1,380 The sizing parameters are relative to the size_mm definition in the section header. I found the ones above by trial and error but they seem OK to me. Of the 4 numbers, the first two are position (best not to change) and the last two are x and y sizes. 6. Save the panel.cfg file. That's it! As in the Catalina, the KLN90B can only be operated from the 2D pop-up. The gps click spots in the Islander VC relate to the Flight1 gauge and have no effect, but its good to have a realistic gps display in the cockpit again. Seems to work reasonably well, though some split screen views seem problematic. Its fine with both halves set to a CDI view.
  2. For those of you lucky enough to own the P3Dv4 update of the very excellent Aerosoft Catalina you can use their KLN90B GPS unit in the Flight1 Islander in place of the original KLN90A.
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