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  1. Why everyone is against PMDG in here? IMO they do quite well with their products. There might be some delays, but the quality worths the wait. By the comment they posted in their forum, I’m more than 100% sure that they are the partners. The only question is which aircraft? It cannot be an Airbus family, but can’t say that about Boeing. Let’s hope for a legendary like a 47. That would be too good to be true though.
  2. I was wondering about waterfalls as well. Will there be any?
  3. I totally agree with this one. IMO this is the most feasible solution for it. We’re gonna have almost live traffic, and at the same time there is no need for us to squeeze ourselves in for landings and takeoffs. Flight routes and even delayed flights can easily be extracted from data available online. I don’t really care if a flight is not exactly where it’s supposed to be. I rather have skies full of aircrafts and an acceptable ATc
  4. U got it right. That was only an observation and wanted to share it with others.
  5. Have anyone noticed the AI aircrafts in KSFO photo? They had the same livery and i guess that was some imaginary airline like Pacific and Orbit in previous versions. It seems that we still need some 3rd party to work on real AI traffic.
  6. This might be off the topic, but is there any news out there for October 10th update?
  7. In the interview they mentioned that there were green dots in the preview event on the interface page. Those dots were the live air traffic and you could select any of them do to that specific flight. If they rely on FR24 data it’s not good enough. There are times that aircrafts shown on FR24 do crazy paths which is due to the inaccuracy of the receivers. I guess it’s better to collect the schedule of the airports and AI take over from the very beginning of the flight.
  8. I say accurate AI and ATC are a must. Skies are live because of traffic. I don’t see any major issue for Microsoft to come up with traffic such as UT Live or an atc program similar to voxatc and Radarcontact. What u need is just the live departure and arrival data from the airports, which in my mind is feasible through flightradar24. For Atc it can be something more advance than what we had in fsx. I really love to even have the oceanic HF radio transmissions when I’m over Atlantic or Pacific oceans.
  9. This sounds accurate as well. In any ways there should be a collaboration between them, which is already there. Hopefully Microsoft would come up with ideas for AI traffic, specially that Flightradar data are out there.
  10. This totally is a turning point in the future of flight simulation and even games in general. Maybe this is going to be the first step in coming up with a whole new virtual world. Anyways, I have some thoughts I wanted to share with u guys. Let me know if u agree or not. in the trailer videos there is this airbus pushing back. U can see ground crews as well as service cars around. So something like GEX could be a default thing in this new sim. Also by “talking to the developers” i guess what they mean is that they are using/buying products like PMDG’s and modifying them into this new sim, so a complete cockpit like a 737 would be in stock. This makes so much sense to me as they don’t wanna waste time and reinvent the wheel. This can be the case for other companies as well.
  11. The thing is that if you dont load a flight plan, everything would work and u will see ai traffic moving on the ground taking off and landing. But, as soon as u load the flight plan and of course, re-enable the voxatc, there will be no moving traffic at all.
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