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  1. So u say that if u were me, u would select the cpu from the recommended item and the gpu from the ideal one?
  2. A quick question for you guys. If between the cpu and the graphics card I want to get one from the ideal list and the other from the recommended list, which combination is the optimized one? In another word, which of the cpu or graphics is more important to get higher fps in maximum settings?
  3. Here’s #WingWednesday of this week
  4. Yup. Still i rather have AI control the traffic rather than squeezing me in within the live traffic. I will sacrifice the EXACT location of live AI, but at least I am part of the party too.
  5. Still the challenge remains. How ATC will squeeze our planes While the live AI is operating...
  6. This should be the case as they mentioned in the last video the live player section is only for the ones who follow rules and regulations. Hopefully we can get some answers on the next feature discovery video. But what happens when a live traffic is directed to a waypoint in real life? Would FS ATC give the same instructions so the live traffic in the sim follows the same live path it has in real life?
  7. Now that we know how live traffic works, specially that it will be controlled by AI once its signal disconnects, let’s have some ideas, suggestions on how an ATC can be implemented on this layout. We have to keep in mind that the ATC must have ways to vector you in and out while avoiding any collision with the live traffic. I would think the only way to do that is to sacrifice some realism in here. The only live data implemented on the sim is the departure time, and AI takes over from that point on. In this case, the live routine routes can already be fed onto the sim, and just be loaded for each traffic. The take is that ATC can easily fit you into the traffic sequence and avoid collision. Let’s have more ideas as I guess ASOBO would appreciate suggestions with this regard, as it’s one of the items in the wish list.
  8. This might be off this topic, but I bet in the next episode, cockpits, we’ll see some even more jaw dropping shots of the 747 cockpit. They’ve shown almost all default aircrafts cockpits except from the Queen, so my guess is they’ve saved the best for the end.
  9. This is totally my idea as well. They specifically said that it’s going to be the most realistic flight simulation, meaning that whatever they put in there is going to be realistic. They have already proved that with all those jaw dropping videos. So, I bet the default aircrafts are going to be as realistic as the payware ones we already have.
  10. Dear Halloween spirit! I wish for a PMDG 747-8 with retro liveries in MSFS2020 stock aircrafts.
  11. I totally agree with u. This, not only is one of the building blocks of virtual reality world, that is a coming, (someone talked about Oasis movie in one of the topics), but is also a benchmark study of the market. They definitely will sell such a platform to other players in the market, like shooting games, adventure games, and as u said, the list goes on forever. Despite all these new advancements in gaming technology, for sure MSFS2020 will be that giant leap for mankind! What matters at the moment is the win-win situation between us, simmers, and Microsoft. So let’s just gear up for the semi-real experience of flying 🙂
  12. Based on the NDA, would testers be allowed to share their options? No footage, no streaming, just post their options about it
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