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  1. mgculver

    Carenado C340 and GTN750 Panels

    Thanks Frank found it. Works well. thanks again,
  2. mgculver

    Carenado C340 and GTN750 Panels

    Thanks Rod. Will check it out.
  3. Hi. If this is not the correct forum for a question on Panels for the GTN, please let me know. Does anyone know where or have the panel integration for the GTN750/650 into the Carenado Cessna C340? Thanks, Mike
  4. mgculver

    PA46T and overspeed

    Thanks for the feedback guys.
  5. Hi All. A question out of curiosity: Everywhere I read about the PA46T, the articles indicate the 46T should cruise over 200+ knots. The Carenado model over-speeds between 170 to 180. Any reason for this?? Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi Steve. An update on this topic: A hard disk crash forced me to do a complete reinstall of FSX:SE. Your product works fine now; no problems with DX 10 any longer. THanks, Mike C
  7. Hi Steve. Thanks for your reply. The only error I get is that ForceVCShadowMap is not set in fsx.cfg. Even without your product, it will still CTD whenever I select DX10 Preview. I'll check out the CTD in Avsim. Please mark as "Answered". Thx
  8. Hi. Recently tried to install DX10 Fixer 3.3 however, when I check DX10 Preview, FSX:SE crashes to the desktop right after loading a free flight. I don't believe this is a problem with the Fixer as it ran fine a few years back. I gave up with DX10 due to a texture problem with AMD Video Cards. After hearing they had fixed their drivers, I figured I'd try it again. After trying everything short of a reinstall of FSX, I was wondering if anyone else up here has had a similar problem. And possibly, a solution. It runs fine in DX9. Thanks, Mike
  9. Thanks Steve. I'll reinstall and give it a try.
  10. Hi Guys. AMD video cards (my case ATI 6850) had a problem with DX 10 in FSX where textures would break up and/or flash. I tried DX 10 Fixer (2.11) to no avail so I gave up and reverted back to DS9. I'm curious if this issue is addressed in version 3.2 of DX 10 Fixer, or is it still a problem. Appreciate any comment before I re-install it and revert back to DX 10. Thanks, Mike C
  11. The files for NA and Africa both extracted fine. It was just the Asian files that had the problem. Enjoy England. Love the history there. My wife is from Scotland.
  12. Hi Daniel. The problem was with the 7Z files from mediafire. Tried to download them a couple of times and had the same problem. I finally downloaded the torrent file and everything is fine. Thanks for getting back to me. Nice work you have done. Please mark this as resolved. Thanks, Mike
  13. Hi. In trying to download the mesh for Asia, I keep getting a CRC failure for two BGL files N20E080 and N20E110 Has anyone else had this problem? Thx