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  1. Dear all,apologies if this has been covered before - I couldn't seem to find it....I've installed FU3 on win 7, applied the patch and several mods (ie Chris Low's Sanfran / Seattle) and am just wondering if there is a way i can increase the resolution? (i.e. write in the script somewhere??)Also, I'm about to unzip and install the sea0801.zip and sea0802.zip scenery packs....would i be correct to assume these files overwrite Chris Low's scenery (eg the packages folder for example)?Thanks for the assistance, much appreciated!
  2. Hi Chris,yeah that David was me...Thanks for the reply!I've just ordered FU3 and it should be arriving today (thanks ebay)...and yeah i'm aware about the sanfran input for FU3. Over the past 2 days I've cycled through this entire Flight Unlimited forum (all 118 pages of posts) and have been updated on the past decade of FU developments! It was quite a journey seeing the progression....Cheers to you and all of the team here that has put in so much effort.When i get my hands on FU3 i'll cycle through the relative posts again and follow the instructions/troubleshooting should I need it...there seems to be plenty of explainations there, so i needn't annoy and re-ask.Fyi i did get FU2 working on Win 7 and it is working fine (had to install via cmd though to get it to work). Its working great aside from that 'skidding/slidding' while taxiing issue...that is a hectic nightmare, that I know you're frustrated with!Out of interest, what would be the best modern day flight sim in your opinion?Thanks again!David.
  3. Hey pasture pilot & Dave (+ anyone else......)i'm also experiencing issues with the 'slidding taxi planes' .....did you have any luck?Cheers
  4. Hey all,just wondering if anyone knows of patches for flight unlimited 2? I've search around quite a bit and have not found a link that isn't broken or damaged....Also - with the radio in game, I cannot highlight - delete - retype the necessary frequency, it just resorts back to whichever was the previous...any ideas?Cheers
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