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  1. I wanted to start flying 747-400 again and the software loaded properly and comes up with the engines running. My problem is trying to get the PMDG Setup page to come up by pressing and holding the menu button on the lower display. I have also tried the same procedure on the upper FMC without success. Therefore I cannot load fuel and payload properly. The battery is on, panels light up ref FMC. Just trying to get to the setup page for PMDG Fuel and Payload. Are the lights turned down or off when the battery is on? I have reloaded the software many times without resolving my problem. Suggestions please. Phil
  2. I don't have a problem importing flight plans with the IFLY B737 from FSBUILD OR PFPX but with the FSX IFLY/B747 at this stage it seems I have to load the flight plan manually as I see in the You Tube tutorials. Am I missing a stage? i.e. Microsoft Games/Microsoft flt sim x/IFLY/B747/navadata/flight plans. I see the flight plans stored in that directory but unable to retrieve them through the FMC. When I go to the coroute and enter KSEAEGKK it tells me flight plan not found? Am I sending the flight plans to the wrong directory/fltplan? Please advise Phil Knox
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    Hi Guys: I am embarrassed because I can not find the link to the PMDG 777 Operations Center so that I can make the required adjustments and add liveries. All I am looking for is "how to find the directory or link, open the operations center?" Is there a direct link or what directory is it under in the precision manuals? Help. Phil Knox