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  1. Thanks for the replies. Solved it now, I was panicking about the whole NAV/APP sequence. All I had to do was follow LNAV with FMS activated in the PFD as normal and then when the 'ghost' LOC1 indicator (dotted blue arrow) appeared in the PFD I just pressed APP and APPLOC1 and GS became armed (white). I continued on LNAV until final and it switched automatically to LOC1 (green) and ultimately caught the GS. Didn't have to activate the NAV button with the up and down arrows at all. There was a bit of swaying while it latched on to the LOC but nothing too frightening and certainly not like I had before!
  2. Hi. I love the MSFS CJ4 but why does it veer/bank violently left to right on approach trying to find the LOC on an ILS landing? I'm following the guidelines, tuning is fine, the LOC1 is PRESET and the LOC diamond moves to the centre of the PFD but the moment I hit that APP button on final it goes completely crazy and banks all over the place and only stabilises when I'm about 5m from TD. Am I hitting APP too early? Should I wait until just before FF? Any advice gratefully received!
  3. More frustration. I tried a different airport (EHAM) and the program gave me a COMPLETELY wrong taxi direction. I wanted (and was approved by ATC) 18L and it directed me to 36L! On the other side of the airport... AND when I tried to contact TWR again, nothing happened, no response and I tried all the different speech combinations. This program is just too buggy for me to buy it. If I am going to pay a - not insubstantial - amount of money for a product, I expect it to work 99% if not 100% of the time. I don't want to have to reboot it every time it fails ( and it still doesn't work) or to waste my time scouring these forums to try and find a fix to a problem which should not be happening in the first place. It's a shame because when it DOES work the couple of times I have succeeded, it does what it says on the tin. But there are just too many times when I have ended up frustrated and irritated and left standing (literally) not knowing what has gone wrong when I know I have carried out all the procedures correctly. 😞 I'll keep an eye out for an updated version in the future to test, hoping it will behave better then...
  4. I know this has been mentioned before but this bug is the one thing that is stopping me from investing in this otherwise excellent program. I am on the trial version and am hesitating to buy because almost every time that I reach a hold point before take-off (I fly mainly from EGLL with the ZIBO 737-800), the program DOES NOT transfer over to Tower. My MIC is fine, everything has been OK up until then, I have made input requests etc when I need to and I have received the required responses ( which my co-pilot has handled efficiently...). But then as I follow the correct taxi path and reach the runway, absolute silence. The radio has transferred to the right TWR frequency but then nix, nada, zilch. After waiting (and waiting...) I try various requests myself (Call sign Holding xxx, Ready for departure etc etc) but nothing happens. The only time it worked was when I pressed one of the other TWR frequencies and I heard a bong type sound and only then did TWR contact me. The other time it worked was when I rebooted the program while at the holding point. Most of the time it has not worked. It's really irritating because once I do get responses and am up and away it is very satisfying. But this bug.... ugh
  5. Inevitably for such a heavily-anticipated release, there's a whole load of things that people want to know, have fixed etc. which is what this forum is for. But it seems to me that the balance of praise and criticism going on here is hugely unfair Let's not forget - among all the postings here - what a superb product this is in the end, and what a lot of work PMDG have done to achieve its release. So WELL DONE PMDG! This is a product which is going to be a benchmark for aircraft add-ons and is going to take a lot of beating in the FS arena. And also... it's giving a helluva lot of pleasure to a lot of people! Great work guys!!!! (And no, I don't work for them)
  6. Since I posted the above I found this topic in this forum http://forum.avsim.net/topic/344166-highmemfix-question/page__hl__textures__fromsearch__1 so I changed my fsx.cfg as directed. I also unchecked the box in the AIRCRAFT settings within FSX that says "Aircraft casts shadows on itsef" and hey presto I don't have these jagged "dancing" edges anymore. I don't know which of the two corrections I made is responsible for this ( I guess it is the unchecked box within FSX) but. whatever, my problem is solved. Hope this helps.
  7. I have the same problem. I have jagged edges which fluctuate ( 'dance' )in the screen along the wing and along the engines - see attached images. My video card is ATI Radeon HD 5450.0 and I have Anistropic filtering with AA checked within FSX.Unlike Nvidia cards though, ATI doesn't provide the option for external AA - or do they?Any tips?
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