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  1. I want to live in the FSM belt instead of the ******* freak belt.

  2. Happy birthday Sir Isaac Newton!

  3. Hey guys! Happy 4th of July!

  4. I just corrupted another person. I feel accomplished for today.

  5. Signed up for the January 28 SAT...

  6. I'm buying a NES and SNES today with a decent amount of games for $20!

  7. So I just realized these 3 blankets I took my my American Airlines flight a few months ago have a tag saying, "Property of American Airlines. Please do not remove from aircraft." whoops!

  8. George Takei has the best facebook page. Hands down. Daniel Singleton may enjoy some of his posts.

  9. Who's up to plan to go to the Electronic Daisy Carnival in 2014 with me?

  10. Who else is looking forward to the re-textured original Halo?!

  11. The next Italian prime minister is going to be Mario. No joke!

  12. As soon as I can get a job in December, I'm going to get a stupid data plan.

  13. This GOP debate is making me hate the Republican candidates even more than I did before.

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