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  1. Ishai1

    Map Version update

    But that service gives me weird squares for tiles, and yahoo, yahoo is just stupid. Google gives good coverage Is there anything you want to say? Please I really need the google earth coverage for something.
  2. Ishai1

    Map Version update

    Can anyone please tell me how to get the google server like some people here in this post!??!?!??! I NEED IT! Please,Thanks!, Ishai
  3. I think this post will help you ALOT. ahd the same problem, and it worked for me. :)
  4. Ishai1

    Map Version update

    Hey, sorry to interrupt, But in tile proxy, some places are weird squares (not black, but coloured though really blurry and are squares) and some patches seem so pixel, and blocky , is this because I have my service 1 map version=330?