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  1. Thank you gentlemen - I guess I'll go look again!
  2. Could someone tell me which of the manuals ( 00 - 12 ) has the details regarding doors and controlling them please? I've been scouring them all (the manuals ) and for some reason I can't seem to locate the narrative on this. Thank you for your time! Richard G. Gardner.
  3. Yikes! I'm not trying to argue with you man...just misunderstood your reply.....
  4. Icon shows up in every other aircraft except PMDG 747, both passenger and freight. Anybody from Development?
  5. Thank you Steve. Is there anybody else having this issue? You assign MAP! to an aircraft (specifically the PMDG 747) and the little MAP icon does not show up in the cockpit? Anyone?
  6. Hi Steve, After reading your response, I suddenly realized how stupidly I phrased my inquiry, and I apologize. I have Map! installed on my system successfully, but what I meant to say was that after assigning it to my PMDG 747, it does not show up in my cockpit for use during my flight. Do you have any idea why, and thank you so much for your response!
  7. I'm back folks! This time it's a Feelthere Map! For some reason the icon is not showing up on my main panel after installation. Have made several attempts to no avail. Is there a known issue, or am I doing something wrong? As usual, I appreciate any assistance. Thanks!
  8. Peter, it appears I was climbing at first using TOGA and then that changed to VNAV SPD, but when I clicked on the VNAV button on the glareshiled, THR REF appeared on the tape that was blank before. After that all seemed to be okay. Hope this makes sense to you. Best regards!
  9. Hello again, I believe I have solved the problem and no longer require assistance. I clicked on the VNAV button and "SPD" now displays on the tape in the MFD. The airplane is now maintaining the proper speed. Thank you so much and kind regards!
  10. Hello All, I apologize if this issue has been addressed before...I'm flying the 747 in FSX on a Windows 7 platform. Everything thing is normal during the climb profile, but as soon as the airplane levels off in cruise, it begins to accelerate beyond the speed assigned by the FMC and I have no clue why. Any assistance or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks for reading.
  11. Hey Maximus, thanks for your reply!I have contacted HiFi and I have resolved the problem based on their feedback.Thanks again man!
  12. Hello all,I recently wiped my drive and installed WinXP Pro. 64-bit because of OOM issues in FSX with the 32-bit version - XPAX worked great with 32-bit.Now XPAX is exhibiting strange behavior such as:Will not end when closed - have to go into task manager and end process.Continues to run a past state while in another - e.g. can still hear terminal pre-boarding announcements while safety lecture is progress while taxiing.Ocassionally will only hear audio but no video appears on screen.Are these because of the 64-bit OS or can anyone offer any insight?Help much appreciated - thanks!
  13. Hey Damian, I checked the spam folder in my yahoo email and indeed the reply was buried there. I have marked it as "not spam" so that should fix any future issues. More importantly, I called AT&T to inquire why I was not receiving your emails to my Outlook account, and together we adjusted some settings. I'm hoping this has solved the problem. So, I'm going to ask you a favor - could you resend my purchase information to both accounts for me since I never really received it? That would be a good test for functionality on both. Thanks for your help and I apologize for the trouble. Cheers,Cyclopean(Richard Gardner).
  14. Hi Damian, Thanks for your reply and for the key removal tool.Fortunately I had already applied it as I saw another user on the forum had encountered the same issue and so I just followed the instructions you provided to him. However, the email issue continues to baffle me. I have not received any of the messages to either of the addresses I provided. I also have had no issues with receiving emails up to this point. I did receive the enrolment email sent by the forum on sign up immediately. Not sure what's up....... Cheers,Cyclopean (Richard Gardner)
  15. Hello, It seems there is something going on with emails between me and your email system. Since my purchase (yesterday), I have not received the email with my purchase information, nor have I received replies or ticket numbers from 3 support requests. Could you please investigate? Thanks,Cyclopean (Richard Gardner).