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  1. Thank you Manuel..we'll stand by Good work !
  2. Me...the same problem of ai1: marshal appear at gate when I call him standing in front the gate, and then after 2 seconds disappear I limit traffic too with fsuipc, and before that I limited it with AirTrafficManager. Same thing
  3. The bug is still there with ver.1.9. This is my bug: if I call Marshal (without follow me car) at parking location (ex. G311 of EGLL), Marshall appears in the right position and then after a few seconds it disappear.
  4. No I tried different distances. In front of Gate E5 (LOWS) I call Marshall. He appears (I see him) then after 3 seconds he disappear. Not only in LOWS airport
  5. Yes I think so. Another strange behaviour in that if I call Marshal (without follow me car) at parking location (ex. G311 of EGLL) it doesn't show. When I call it again in front of parking, Marshall appears and then after a few seconds disappear. This happens every time at EGLL (UK2000 scenery)
  6. I happens using FS Captain that at a certain moment it assign you a parking (ex. gate 5 which is at that moment free). It seems that when follow me car pass on it, parking become no more free (like follow me car is occupying it) and FS Captain reassign another one...and so on. I don't know if it's a trouble with follow me car passing on parking or with the Marshall..never had this behaviour before UGCX
  7. It happens when I start pushing back with PMDG 737.In that moment the tug stands still and doesn't move while my Aircraft pushes back. (with stock 737 no problem - but I tried without fs captain...). Also today in EDDL (3rd pary) after tug freeze... I couldn't get the final stage (disconnect) with voice command "cleared to disconnect" the man got stuck near my front wheel Ok for the Landing, understood!
  8. Try to investigate on the use of FS captain. When out of blocks (begin of pushback) it induce a micro stutter when clock of fscaptain start. Could it interfere? Also after Landing at eddl couldn't find suddenly parking spots...it was like i was not in EDDL but in the desert. After a while parking spots started to appear on UGCX menu/map. I have a log of this flight, if you need. Try to fix this because for me UGCX is unusable and I paid it too much €€!
  9. Me too, same trouble. With fsx, pmdg 737 ngx, gsx and other add on. Happened in aerosoft Nice, but also Gatwick (not default)
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