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  1. I bought a new headset (usb again) because my old one was falling apart. With the new headset I had absolutely no improvement. Then I activated the first officer and now ATC works fluently and without any problems. No idea why, but that doesn´t matter. Thank you for the hint.
  2. Thank you for the answer. Due to the fact I am not a native speaker the program might struggle with my German accent 🙂 However, I will try your recommendations and will let you know the result.
  3. Hello. My problem with Vox ATC are the frequent delays or interruptions. Sometimes I have to pass my messages twice before it is accepted from the program, very often I get the answer "last aircraft say again" and especially during an approach instructions are very late or rather too late. Is there anything I can do to let the program work without those "interruptions" in communication? Axel
  4. I ordered the VoxATC program again (because the program itself is great from my point of view), but I did it via RC Simulations. The process went very smoothly and I got my registration within 24 hours. They did a great job.
  5. Finally I got my money back but it was really strange. I bought it from Vox ATC, then I contacted RC Simulation (because VOX ATC customer service is the worst I have ever seen) and obviously RC Simulations solved the problem because I got a refund from Internal Workings. Why are there three companies working on the same thing?
  6. Thank you for your answer. I sent an email to rcsimulations two days ago but no answer yet. I will let you know if there should be something new.
  7. Hello. How long does it take to get a registration code? Two weeks ago I paid for an upgrade from Version 6 to 7 and in the meantime I sent three mails. No answer and no registraion code yet. Bad customer service is one thing, not to deliver what customers paid for is another thing.
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