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  1. I just want to say how appreciative I am of Carenado support. In recent months on at least three occasions I have sent in a support ticket requesting upgrades to five aircraft. These had all be purchased from the now defunct Australian Flight Sim Store and going back many years. On each occasion Carenado got back to me within hours and added the updated download files to my account. Given the amount of time that had passed since purchase and that I had not bought these direct from Carenado plus the updates were without cost, I think this is exceptional service, certainly worthy of a thank-you. Robair
  2. Sorry, what I mean is that if I commence a flight with only MCE, it works correctly. If I commence a flight with only Pf3, it works correctly - including TGS. When I commence a flight using both MCE and Pf3 together, the Pf3 TGS fails to work. Thanks for your interest. Robert
  3. Hi, I am hoping someone may be able to assist on this forum as a followup to extensively reviewing the issue (including my settings and flight logs) on the Pf3 forum to no avail. The problem is that both MCE and Pf3 work well when used in isolation but when used together it appears that somehow MCE stops the taxi guidance (TGS) in Pf3 working. Otherwise both work together very well. This problem developed some time ago but it took me a little time to realise and try to address it so I'm unsure as to what other additions or changes may have been made within the sim around that time, so harder to pinpoint. Initially when I installed both programs the problem did not exist. I have recently updated MCE in the hope it might fix it but it didn't. To illustrate: Both programs work together without problem from the setting up of a flight (I use Sim Brief) including to obtaining clearance, pushback and startup. Following this I request the VCP to obtain taxi clearance which he does and repeats back. It is at this point when the TGS should commence but does not. While I have not tested every aircraft that I have, the issue exists in the PMDG 737 NGX; NGXu; 747-400 and Aerosoft A320/321. I have checked all settings in Pf3, including the Pf3 MCE ini file etc. I have also perused some previous threads here back in 2017 but have been unable to find the cause? I am using P3D v 4.5 with hotfixes. I also use Active Sky (current beta) and GSX 2. Together these are great additions and in one sense this is a small problem but I would like to be able to restore it. I would be grateful for any feedback, fixes or suggestions, not least insight into anything I am just not seeing. Thanks, Robert
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